Any chance I have to do something for myself – I take it. Like all other mums – looking after your little ones has it’s highs and lows and sometimes it can also take everything out of you. So it is nice to escape and do something you like – or maybe even something completely new. I found this lovely company online – Midas Touch Crafts and booked into a workshop I loved. Let me tell you the list is endless. There is so much to choose from, they also cater for hen parties, stag do’s and Christmas parties too – which is very current and unique. 


The great thing about this company is ALL profits go to charity – yes, it all goes to Breast Cancer charities – as the founder Naz, a life coach and her mum, who helps her run the business – have lost a lot of family members and friends to the horrible illness. Naz did lots of runs, jumps off of building and found that people didn’t really have an interest in sponsoring her or even just helping her. So she decided to organise these workshops in a way to get money and give it all back to charity. Naz is fun, hilariously funny, honest and a lovely person to be around. She made sure everyone, and there was a packed class of over 30 people, had a great time, that we all enjoyed the process of making scents. She taught us a lot about smells and thoughts around smells and introduced a lot of mindfulness – which I am a big fan of. I highlighly recommend you book a workshop whether you are a mum, male, class or couple or maybe you just want to try something new. 

We made a solid scent – which was made out of soya wax. A lot better for the enviroment and no chemicals what so ever. Hey – thats what we want! As well as an oil scent and a liquid spritz. There was lots of different scents on the table when we arrived. Lavender, Sicillian Lemons, Rose Gardenia, Moroccon Spice, Musk and more. It was actually great to learn about the different smells and what is best for what time of day, or even try a new smell and see if it works well with another. 

I have never had a solid scent. What is great about it, is that you can bring it on holiday and at the airport you will not have it taken away, great for storage like if you are a mum and you quickly want to add a little perfume but cant fit a bottle in your bag these are ideal! Also the container will never break. Just make sure you do not get it mixed up with your lip balm. 

We did the solid first so that it can set and moved onto the oil. I discovered so much about smells – it was really interesting learning about notes and how much to add and why. Which smell is the smell you get a sniff off first in perfume, how to make your perfume last and of course how to copy your favourite perfume too. Yes, this is something you can do. 

Like I mentioned before Naz caters for everyone take a look here to see all the workshops she does from cake making workshops, to ice creaming making, massages, flower arrangements, Christmas decorations making, cermaic making and even workshops for kids!

I had such a great day. I made a really clean, fresh / woody, musk smell for my solid, a bold strong lavender and spice oil for bedtime to help me sleep and a floral and sweet spritz for all day wear. I love them and don’t want to use them, as I don’t want them to run out. 

As promised a few days later, Naz also sent us an email of EVERYTHING she taught us with links to suppliers so if we wanted to make more perfume we could. She is very thoughtful – and she added all the notes on what we discussed in the workshop which was 2 hours long (not long enough as they are brilliant!). 

I really do hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as it was one of my favourites to write. Naz is amazing and I am planning to do a LOT more of these workshops with her. 

It is great for relaxing, having time to yourself and practicing mindfulness too. 

Take a look at her website and do try it out. I highly recommend and believe me, you will not be disappointed!

Much Love

Assuntina X

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