After talking about in on Instgaram I thought I would show you what is inside my ‘baby’ bag. It isn’t really a baby bag it is more of a ‘I need my hands but have 2 demanding kids’ bag. I brought it off of Amazon about 2 years ago for £25 and use it 5/7 days a week. If I am going out with Lorenzo, just me and him, or if I am going on holiday or on a day trip with the whole family this is the bag I pack. The reason being – it fits everything in. For me and the kids.

They still sell it and it comes in many more colours and some patterns too. Check out the black LAND baby bag here. I love it as I can hold every little thing in and have used it so much that the handle snapped off last year. But I got my sewing kit out and fixed it! So here is what is inside my ‘baby’ bag.

In the front pocket go the boy’s drinking bottles. The bottles are great and do not leak (also brought off of Amazon) but the pocket is great as the kids can easily get the bottles in and out by themselves and they are coated insulation to keep the bottles cool in the summer and hot in the winter. In the middle section I always keep a banana (mainly for Lorenzo) if not for me and in the thin pocket I keep extra sweets and snacks – mainly for when we go on longer days out and need more snacks or for when I have other friend’s or family’s kids around and want to treat them to something too. The other thing I place in the middle section is clear bags for emergencies. This could be for a poo / toilet / vomit situation and I need something to put dirty clothes in. GREAT TIP!!!

The bag is not heavy at all and is sooooo comfortable to wear. Inside it looks like this…

So inside, is everything I would take on a day out with the boys. The 2 blue boxes are small lunch boxes that I recently brought from Poundland and they are the perfect size. I also have spare clothes for Lorenzo (he is recently potty trained), wet wipes and lots more.

At the bottom of the bag I also have this little metallic bag with my initials on it and this holds lip balms, plasters, Calpol and syringes. Hair ties, Paracetamol tablets, extra leads for phone chargers, stickers and hair clips. Everything we would need on a day out just in case. I always have wet wipes and tissues on me because you never know when someone needs a tissue or needs their hands cleaned. Especially with my boys.

This is what I have in the white little bag with the blue stars for Lorenzo. I recently changed the items as the season is changing but I put in there 2 pairs of clean pants, a pair of shorts and joggers. All in his size just in case he has a toilet accident and if I change bags for any reason I just take this bag out and pop it in the bag I am using that day.

In the same pocket as the wet wipes I snuck in these little Minion sweets. They are small mints for kids and I have had them in my bag since Cornwall just in case the kids start arguing or we are stuck in traffic etc. I also have 2 packs of crayons because my kids love to drawer and colour in.

The notebook is for me as I am forever writing lists.

In the inside top zip, which all bags have, I always hold my lip balm (easy to grab), lipstick, my pen and nail file.

Inside the bag there are 2 more big pockets and this is what I hold in them. The left one is everything that I need – make up, hand sanitizer, more lip balms (I have this thing with dry lips) and tablets. In the right pocket is all the technical bits and bobs. My phone charger lead, a portable charger for our phones (which is always charged) and a spare one just in case. The spare one is mainly for the boy’s kindles as it has that specific port. But these items are essential and are ALWAYS in this bag.

If you are wondering – I tend to chuck my keys in on top of everything which is annoying as I can never find them. The one thing this bag needs is a long piece of fabric with a clip on the end where you can attach you keys. I had that on my very first baby bag and it was so helpful as you follow the fabric and can easy find your keys. This is the only thing this bag is missing.

I can place a small water bottle on the side pocket of the bag and on the other side pocket I put my sunglasses and reading glasses in there together. Easy to find and place back.

The back section is very clever – the zip at the top is where I insert my money. No one can get to it as its the bit that is on my back. The bottom section is insulated and its where I place more money or when we travel I tend to keep our passports there as no one can get to them. This zip, when opened is easy access into the back and bottom of the bag.

The LAND bag is the best ‘baby’ bag I have brought and if it broke I would buy the same one. Its great when you have 2 kids as my hands are always free and it holds everything I need. You can wear it on your back and even hang it on the pram as it also has 2 small handles. Boom!

What is in your baby bag?

Much Love

Assuntina X

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