Well, we did receive, and by we I obviously mean the boys – they received over 20 eggs in total. After the 4 on the Easter egg hunt all the novelty wore off and we still have them stacked in our living room. So today I decided to make something with all the chocolate that was fun and kid friendly. What better then Chocolate Nests.


You can watch the full video on YouTube here.

Due to the video being so large you can view all of it and in great quality by clicking the ‘here’ button above. We had so much fun recording it and of course you can also watch it on IGTV. We decided to make the nest as they are so easy.

We used…

  • 4 medium size Milk Chocolate Lindt bunnies (make sure they are all the same type of chocolate)
  • 1 packet of Mini Eggs
  • Half a packet of Raisin and Almond Granola
  • 12 muffin cases (which have been in the cupboard for years)

The boys were very helpful and loved being on camera too (a first for them) – we made a lot of nests and will be bringing them to friends and family but they are great to make for birthdays if you have any around Spring time – or maybe for Christmas you can add candy canes (just check the eggs are still in date).

They say dont work with kids or animals – which I totally agree as my children have been acting like aniamls all weekend. However, when I told them we were ‘baking’ and making nests they were great. assistants -apart from them trying to sneak mini eggs into their mouths.

I gave the boys a large bowl each so they wouldn’t make too much mess. They then had a large wooden spoon and after melting the chocolate for 4 minutes (and stiring every 30 seconds or so) they mixed the chocolate into the granola. The granola tasted amazing – very chewy as it has raisins in. A great decision from me! We plopped them into the muffin cases and then added a sprinkle of Mini Eggs and hey presto Chocolate Nests.

If you are looking for more ideas on what to do with left over chocolate Easter Eggs check out these ideas. Fun, ideal for kids and a little more creative then plopping granola into muffin cases.


Much Love

Assuntina X

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