I read online this week that you shouldn’t plan for every day / week of the summer holidays as kids should learn to be, and I totally agree. Parents don’t want to be pressured every day / week to do something. Its expensive, tiring and demanding and kids should learn that sometimes they can just relax at home, read, play and just be kids. Therefore this blog post and the rest I will be doing over the summer holidays are just to help you if you need some ideas. We love to venture out and try new things and places. 

My boys are adventurous, curious and always on the go – so today we went to their first Farm Festival and it didn’t disappoint. It is a family friendly farm in Kent – only 30 minute drive from us and this summer up until 3rd September they have a festival on. They have lots on and to be honest we didn’t even get through all of it and we were here for 2.5 hours. Face painting, arts and crafts, messy play, soft play, tractor rides, sand pit, you can see some specific animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, millipedes and tortoises and you can pick them all up and have a cuddle too. 

The whole Farm Festival was decorated beautifully with different scarecrows scattered everywhere – mummy, daddy, baby, grandad and everywhere you went was rainbow bunting. 

Near the entrance is a makeover studio – here you can get your face painted, buy merchandise for the festival or you can have temporary tattoos put on. 

Everything is beautifully decorated and perfect for kids. 

Walking down to the farm you can already tell there is lots to do. The lawn games were sooooo good and we didn’t even have a chance to do all of them – but there was something for everyone and I heard someone say they even have archery here. 

This section was adorable and perfect for any child – the Fairy Woodland. So many details and so magical. 

Next up – this ramp was near the Fairy Woodland and had 3/4 quadbikes at the bottoms with stops signs. It was a grab and go game and it worked perfectly. 

As you can see teepee tents can be spotted all over the farm – they brought the festival vibe and on the lawn games section they had lots of different activities for the kids to enjoy, and for kids of all ages. A great way to get out of the sun but still enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities. 

We then went to the next hut which was crafts. They were teaching the children to make dream catchers. Simple, so fun and all the kids were loving it. The staff were so friendly and really looked after the children.  

These huts were painted so brilliantly inside – with all different animals and then accessorised with fairy lights and more bunting. There are lots of these huts around the farm and they can be used for private parties too. They fit around 30-50 kids. 

Godstone farm is very quaint, very pretty and just pure bliss. I would say it is one, if not, my favourite farm I have been to with the kids. Its the right size, has lots to offer and everything is close so there is not a lot of walking (or pushing of the pram). It caters for parents and kids – which I have never seen before. 

There was a tea room, cafe and ice cream hut all near by. 

We then went to see some animals. How adorable is the chipmunk hut? Its like an old couples little house…

They have everything – owls, birds, meerkats, chickens, llamas, donkeys, Shetland ponies and more.

2 minutes away is the dining and lounge area. Yes, that’s right. So many comfy sofas to sit and relax on and there were lots of high chairs too. Look at those lampshades…

This was our favourite…

Not only do they have educational, play and fun areas but they have unique stop points too, which add imagination to the festival. There was a wishing well which was so sweet and the money goes straight to charity. 

Such a great wishing well…you roll the money in. 

Its the cutest things like the flower details that I think make places like this stand out. 

We then visited the cuddle corner. You can normally pick up these animals and hold them, however, due to the high temperatures we couldn’t pick up the bunnies or chickens. 

But you could pick up the tortoise, insects and chicks. 

The cows and goats were both placed together in a huge barn. Around the barn was all the amazing animal facts and texture of coats. 

There was a tractor that was going around the whole farm and you can pay to go onto it. 

Who doesn’t want to go and spot the dinosaurs at a Farm Festival…? This was a great surprise and we loved trying to find. There was also dinosaurs that were not that well known so we learnt lots on the way. We also saw some cave men and a MASSIVE woolly mammoth. 


The dinosaurs were a great touch – I was so shocked to see a pterodactyl in the trees. It was so big. 


We finished the day with a walk by the pond, feeding an army of ducks and swans, and as tradition goes…finishing off in one of our favourite places – the gift shop. 

We loved Godstone Farm Festival and will defintely recommend it. There was so much to do that it was a shame we didnt get it done in under 3 hours but we might come back before school starts and do the sections we missed. There is a play area, den building section, zip wire, picnic area, maze and even pets for sale so you can go home with your favourite animal. 

They also have mini disco, circus section and a section just for music. We know where we are going to next time! 

Its a great start point for your little ones to get into the festival spirit. Who doesnt love farm animals and a festival in one? I did check on the website and facebook and they do have music playing at times too. 

If you have been please do comment and let me know your thoughts. 

What was your favourite section of the farm festival?

Much Love


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