The one thing I absolutely love writing about is weddings. When I was planning my wedding a few years ago I would delve deep into the Pinterest hole and pin, pin, pin away. I love reading about people’s wedding, going to people’s weddings and helping to plan people’s wedding – as I think they are so creative. There are so many types of weddings – small, big, at home, abroad, classic and quaint or very dramatic and over the top. There are even weddings that are a mix of these things – which is what I love. I don’t think you should do anything by the book. I think you should plan the wedding you want! If you do not like cake – don’t order a wedding cake, have something else. Why do you have to have an ivory wedding dress? If you want a jumpsuit or a skirt and top – go for it. If you love the idea of 12 bridesmaids and a gin bar, crack on!

My wedding was quite rustic – yet it was romantic and based on both mine and my husband’s heritage. We had a Sicilian band, and Sicilian pastries, but we had our favourite classic English dishes and puddings for desert. I also made sure that my husband’s Irish heritage was inserted in – with Irish cookies, a Trick n Treat table with Irish fake scratch cards, we both wore shamrocks on our attire and our son held a green and white cotton cushion I had made with a beautiful Celtic design on it. That is forever a keep sake. 

As a lot of you are like me and love weddings too I thought I would show you some of my favourite themed weddings I have seen over the years – and ones I know will be big next year. Here we go…

Serenity Blush

There is nothing better than mixing two beautiful colours together. Why do you have to choose blue or pink. Mix them up. They are a great blend. With little touches of green the two colours really pop. When I was younger Brides always picked one colour. Nowdays you can have whichever colour you like – and you will be surprised how well some colours look great together. This colour palette is great for the Spring as the colours are light and fresh. 

If you are looking to use this colour palette I would suggest the gold cutlery – its a beautiful finishing touch. Marble too looks great – but don’t feel that you have to always follow trends. Stay true to what you love and what your passions are. I am all for funny little quirks and the balloons on the invite card are my cup of tea. 

Secret Garden

This is one of my favourites, as I love foliage. I love the Earth tones, the purity of this colour and how much it stands out. Fern plants are a beauty and I love seeing them on invites and draped in venues as I think they add romance and also something very secretive and stunning. If you are looking for a wedding to be quite muted yet have a little something else, something unique – I think this colour theme is for you. You can have touches of ivory and blush but the green is what is the main colour. You would have to spend the majority of your budget on your flowers and room styling – but it will be so worth it! A great colour theme for all year round, even December weddings as you can add fairy lights and lots of Christmas trees everywhere. To save some pennies, artificial trees are the way to go. 

Moody Tones

So dark, so curiously stunning. A stunning colour theme to have for a Autumnal wedding. Do not be scared to choose a colour so dark – it something I wish I did more of for my wedding. The dark shades of the crockery, the long murky candles and the twilight look of the table settings allows this theme to be unique and absolutely breathtaking. Why not go for the dark shades of invites? Bridesmaids can stay muted and the flowers can still have pops of yellow – but you can play around with so many ideas and still make your wedding an alluring one. 

I absolutely love an arch and think if you are planning on doing something amazing with your flower arrangements an arch is the way to go – the mix of colours on this arch allows the theme to stay with the dusk filter tones, but the flowers still look pretty. Win win!

Outdoor Adventures

You can get your inspiration for your wedding from many different places – something you saw in a magazine, a holiday location you went to, a family photo, a TV show. Absolutely anything! This theme is great for anyone and everyone who loves the outdoors. An outdoor wedding – is a heavenly one and you should never let the weather stop you. We all love a bit of windswept hair and a little water never killed anyone. The sandy tones, elegance of the wedding dresses, natural textures of this theme is what makes is so irresistible, and close to Mother Nature. 

Flowers are plants and very simple, browns, greys, nudes and rattan tick all the boxes for this theme – great for a Tippie / tent wedding. No need for heels or jackets, men suits can be mixed in prints and colours and of course the wedding party can all come dressed in anything as long as they match the pantone reference. A great summer wedding or even an Autumnal one – just add wellies when needed.  

Agate You

Oh the love of crystals is something that never dies. This outstanding theme is one I know will be big in 2019. The details are out of this world and it really is a great theme for someone who loves the rawness and intricate details of luxury. The lighting, gold touches, beautiful blooms and even the flower arrangements are distinctive and very bold. You do not have to go full steam ahead with this theme – you might not have a budget for the agate name coasters for your guests, or the agate cake – which looks unbelievable. However, with your wedding invites you can add the agate theme, then match it with the colours of your flowers, maybe even do a small agate favours for your guests. It is a wedding theme that is here to stay and I think it is perfect for a Winter wedding. Very beautiful, very warm and very individual – which is something I love. 

Rainbow Bright

Like I mentioned before if you want to mix all the colours – why the hell not! The rainbow bright theme is bold, eye catching and simply – – – so much fun. Perfect for a summer wedding, festival theme wedding or maybe a small family wedding on private land or back garden (which a lot of people I know did this year). 

From mixing the flowers, to having pretty stationary this theme does not disappoint in the Happy O Meter! You can go full out with the wedding attire – add a tutu under your dress, bow ties of dreams can be found on Etsy and in regards to your cake and table setting – the more the merrier. Mix your colour palette of glasses, add streamers, balloon installations, lighting and make sure the one thing everyone takes pictures of and adds to their Instagram feed, is the cake! With a theme this striking I would spend some money on the cake, the table decor and the photographer as you do not want to miss a moment with all the daring colours that will be flying around. 


Vintage Finds

It is so pretty, it all relies on the details, but your guests will adore this theme. You can of course use a lot of your own bits and bobs around the house and your family home as this really helps with the theme. Family cake stands, table cloths,  mum’s veil, dad’s car. It all will matter. With any wedding theme – you don’t have to just throw money at something to make it work. I am a believer and a lover of everything that has a story behind it, and your guests will be the same. Don’t forget it might be a party they are attending, but it is one that is based around you and your partner – therefore the story is already there. 

With Vintage stick to pastel, fresh colours and add a sprinkle of tan. Furniture can be old and tatty (or maybe even up-cycled for the day). Start saving those jam and tomato sauce jars, any fabrics you have lying around will help with ties and whatever you do do not throw away any trinkets they can be used on tables and side boards. A great theme for a Spring or Summer wedding and great for couples on a budget. 

All White on the Night

Lastly – the all white wedding. A great colour choice for a wedding abroad as it is simple, easy to organise and makes everything look so expensive and clean. In regards to bridesmaid dresses and the wedding dress – the wedding dress can be a different colour – maybe blush or even gold etc. But if you want to be a Bride in ivory you can – just make sure the bridesmaids dresses are completely different to yours. Invites can have a touch of gold so that they stand out and the same can be for your table dressing. 

All white cake, flowers to be white and even the Groom’s outfit. Yes, really! Just make sure the location pops out – maybe Greece, Italy, Spain, Devon, Cornwall, Paris. Somewhere that has a lot of colour or detail, so that the wedding doesn’t wash away with being too white. Accessories should be metallic or green and always, always stay away from the red wine!

I really hope you loved reading this post as it was a pleasure and dream to write. I took all the images from Pinterest and left some of the web details on the images as I didn’t take them myself, and always believe in crediting images where and when I need to. 

I would love for you to leave a comment and spread the love. 

Much Love


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