In between Christmas and New Years we always take the kids out, and normally its into London.

As my husband was off work for the festive season I like to take full usage of the extra pair of hands so always go all out. We take the train, bring a big packed lunch, some toys and colouring in set and off we go on an adventure. I love going to museums – because they are free! The London Transport Museum is amazing. We have been once before when Khillian was 2 and he loved it. Its the best museum we have been too. Its in Covent Garden – so one train to Charing Cross (45 mins from us) and then a 15 minute walk. Amazing for kids, so educational and just so much fun!!!! I thought I would blog about it as all little boys and girls need to go. Its a great place to take kids – both my kids loved it and we would of course go back.

The journey for the kids is the best part. We brought the stroller to test and see if the little man needed it. He did not and walked the WHOLE day. Not bad for a 3 year old who loves to be carried.

Like I mentioned after a 45 minute train journey and a little walk we arrived. It was cold and the Christmas decorations were still up. It was magical. The perfect time to come into London.

Once we paid and went in. You pay just for the adults – we were given a transport trail. Which the boys fell in love with! You have to go all around the museum (which is three floors) and find a number of pillars, that are all numbered, and each one has a different mode of transport on them. You have to stamp your trail – and get it all completed. There were 13 or so to get and each pillar gave you a fact about that mode of transport. The kids were adamant to get them all and they did.

We started from the top floor (which you really should do) and worked our way down…

The details are amazing and you can go into A LOT of the original buses and trains. There is so much for kids to see and interact with. This miniature site of a train track being built was so cool and it had little men on there working. There was telescopes to help the little ones see.

The steam trains – were SOOOOOO good. It was like being on the Hogwarts Express…

I thought it was beautiful – its like being back in time…I mean, there was even a Ladies Only carriage.

The Transport Museum is modern, fun, quirky and a great space to hang out with the kids. We could have stayed there for hours. Look how beautifully it is decorated.

In regards to role play – the Transport Museum has so much to offer. You can pretend you are on a bus, you can try to fix the bus, talk to passengers on the intercom, drive the tube and so much more. Its amazing and the technology they use is great. I was surprised when you can see the tunnel and drive the tube like a real train driver. It was so cool.

I mean…

There is a play area. Its not big but its so creative and has everything little ones need. You can go on a double decker bus, on a tram and finish off at the tube station.

There are toys there too, ideally I think for toddlers and little kids. Lorenzo loved these little touches…

I mean so many memories with my boys. This is us at the top of a old double decker bus…

We then moved onto tubes. They were beautiful and we showed Khillian just how different they were from the olden days to now. He was even able to drive one which was just unbelievable. They both did and they loved it.

We stayed there for a long time – maybe 2.5 hours and soon it was time to go home…so we moved onto my kids favourite place – the gift shop!

I was actually quite surprised, there was lots to offer and they still had a lot of Christmas stuff too. However, it was super expensive. That’s why I always get gifts that are memories and branded. Not anything that can be thrown away. We always keep the toys and have all of them till this day.

It was a lovely day, and like I said its my favourite museum to go to – great for boys and girls from 1 year up! If you are looking for somewhere to go to entertain your kids – this is it!

I would love to know what museums you like to visit and if you can recommend any new ones to me that would be great.

I hope you liked this blog post – I loved writing it and honestly suggest you go, your little ones will never forget it.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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