We have heard about it sooooooo much and a few of our friends have been. Therefore, yesterday we treated the boys and took them to the ‘Dinosaur Land’ in Bluewater. When Khillian has reached a certain amount of stars in a week, he is awarded a day out. Anything like going to the park or having a bike ride and as we mentioned Dinotropolis he of course wanted to go. It was fun and basically very expensive.

We all had a blast and spent a good three hours there, which passed really quickly. However, I warn you it is not what you think it is. We thought it would be a mix of The Natural History Museum mixed in with some modern technology, a craft section, an eating area and a soft play to tie it all in.

Oh no folks.

The location is great – right near the cinema in Bluewater, buggies are welcome but you have to leave them downstairs. You would not want to bring them upstairs – it is not that easy to maneuver around the area with prams everywhere.

We booked a slot online – arrived 10 minutes early and was let in 5 minutes before. We were greeted with a Pterodactyl at the entrance and one upstairs. Walking into the main area was a large T-Rex (which moved) – some facts on a plaque and noises are also snuck in to make the little ones scared (or happy).

The kids loved this bit, and I was waiting to see more dinosaurs. Unfortunately there are only 3 big dinosaurs. No water ones, not a lot of Herbivores. There was a Raptor hidden on the side and along with the T-Rex was a Triceratops.

Then we walked into the craft section. We love crafts. There were 2 sand pits. A table one and one on the floor, for little kids. Very thoughtful. On the large sand pit table were little projections of dinosaurs, which looked like they were swimming. Its the little details I loved and the kids were going crazy for them!

The really great thing about Dinotropolis is the details – they had little stalls and also a little step for kids that just need a little more height to reach the sand table. All were stacked at the back of the room and easily accessible. No lifting for these parents (who were both left holding everything at this point).

Next to the sand pit were these foam skeleton where you can build the body with little small foam parts. A great exercise to help get kids stuck in, to help with eye and hand co-ordination and also just to get their brains thinking. Khillian loves building things and really enjoyed this part.

This is probably one of my favourite things. So unique and very cleverly thought about. The kids could choose between 7 different dinosaurs pictures to colour in and you can even name them…

You then place them in this little box next to a TV and your picture becomes digital and moves on the screen. Its amazing. All the kids were getting involved and then you take your paper picture home. Lets just say we came back to this section and took home 10 pictures!

The little extra touch was that there is a MASSIVE TV on the side near the entrance and your dinosaurs are also seen on that screen at the same time. So everyone can see them. Very clever and very creative.

Next up the big reveal…its one big SOFT PLAY!!!!

Yep, we paid £15 a child and £5 an adult for one big, very different yet fun SOFT PLAY. No one told us, we thought it was more facts, touching fossils, building dinosaurs and a soft play at the end. Nope – you are paying £40 for a big and very modern soft play.

The baby -3 years section is small. Fun, but a small ball pit with 2 small slides.

The bigger kids 4-12, is great! Me and Mark both went in and sometimes for no reason other than we could. The kids are safe and you can run everywhere with ease, no traffic, it wasn’t too manic, there were sections I have never seen in a soft play before and it was super fun.

There is a canteen there – but we didn’t bother as we packed food already, toilets are really close and there is even lockers right next to the soft play so you can chuck all your bags and coats away for a £1. Great idea!

To finish off the soft play the kids also had a go on these…

This was just under the soft play section, so when you are up high you can see the carts all below. The kids went bananas for these. No queues and easy to get on and off without any arguments from any child.

All in all – it was fun and an experience however we would not recommend you ‘drop in’ and try. Save it for a treat and if you have dinosaur crazy kids this is a great idea but beware there are only 4 dinosaurs.

For tickets and details check out their website here.

I really hope you liked this blog post…we simply booked tickets and paid for everything ourselves. This is just a Mamma giving you some tips and advise. Go and see it for yourself – but be prepared to spend the dosh.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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