It feels as if the moment it hits the 1st September it gets cold.

That’s because its transitioning season. The hardest season some might say for your style wardrobe. I personally love it. Its moving on to my favourite season which is Autumn but still keeping some summer bits in the mix. Its a great way to ‘use up’ your ‘leftover’ summer wardrobe, before you store it all away, and move onto your warm, cosy autumnal essentials.

There are so many tips and tricks about how to dress for the transitional climate so I thought I would write a blog post about it to help you all out as well as recommending the hot to trot items you need in your wardrobe for this winter. I do the same for the boys too so read on to see how to spice up your AW19 staples. Most images are inspirational so I have grabbed from Pinterest (I am sure you will be able to see which ones).

First up….

The best way to get through the transitioning season is to wear LAYERS. This is because you will find you are freezing in the morning but by 3pm you are sweating. Always, always, always plan your outfits as soon as you can. Whether it be the night before or the early morning before you hit the Instagram button and check the weather. If not you might be freezing in your open toe sandals or forgot that very important rain mac.

Primark has nailed the AW19 trends perfectly.

Their layering shows you just how easy moving from summer to autumn can be. You can wear the summer floral dress and just team it with chunky boots (so in for AW19 – think Holly Willoughby from I’m a Celeb last year) basically climbing boots. The high street are full of them – Primark, New Look, Boohoo.

Or add your summer skinny jeans with a pretty roll next and a leather jacket and you are good to go. FYI – it is leather jacket season so make sure you get your favourites out of the wardrobe.

I have said it so many times – but every time you plan an outfit you should always think about the SHOES. They make an outfit. You can easily wear the same LBD for 4 years and if you wear it with trainers, tan sandals, sexy heels or boots your outfit will look so different and amazing! Always start from the bottom. I save my boots for as long as I can so this year I am pretty sorted but I am considering buying a white pair. They funk up an outfit and really make a plain day attire look a million bucks.

These bad boys are from Gap and are 65% off from £100 they are £35 and still available in so many sizes.

This year I need to buy a NEW COAT as I have had mine for 2 years now and its seen better days. I really want a teddy bear coat and they come in so many lengths and colours I know where I am getting mine from but OMG this pink one from George was on my lust list. Affordable, durable (I have seen it in the flesh) and so pretty. It will keep you so warm and you will look like the trendiest pink teddy bear mum outside the school gates. Its is new in and £30.

SKIRTS – Do not be afraid to wear your summer skirt in the AW19. You can style with tights, socks – knee socks. Yes you are not too old to do this. I am 33 and will be doing this as I love mixing fabrics and textures with boots. Very AW19. But yes, wear your summer skirt with boots and a chunky jumper and you have hit the nail on the head for transitional season. This time of the year is all about getting your moneys worth and wear out of your summer clothes and just mixing and matching them with your old or new winter ones.

H&M have a beautiful collection for AW19 and I loved this section in store. It shows you that you do not have to think autumn is all about dark shades, black, grey, berries and browns (well not just yet) you can wear whites and brights you just have to team it with a more classic or muted shades to balance it out.

You can team your pleated skirt with some boots and a jumper to start the season off cosy and right or wear your cut off light denim summer jeans with a pretty blouse to prepare you for the storms ahead. The skirt is online and in store and I love it!

Next up is DENIM. I have never worn denim. My friends and family have probably never taken a picture of me or remember me in denim as it have never really been on my lust list. I have always thought I looked large and stood out for the wrong reasons, but I have never worn denim – mainly because I have never felt comfortable in it.

Until… I started following some amazing people on Instagram and realised there is so much variety out there and I should look for something that I wouldn’t necessarily wear but it catered for more for my shape. Seeing these beautiful women wearing denim and looking bloody HOT inspired me and now I am hooked. Denim is SOOOOO easy to wear and perfect – not only for moving into a new season – but for out and the about with kids, shopping, school runs, farm visits, date nights and so much more. So now I am hooked and just purchased this lovely pair from New Look. Cannot wait to try them on. I brought a petite pair as the length would be perfect on my short legs. (Also, can you see why I am addicted to the white boots now?).

It is the simple things that can help when moving from one season to another. ACCESSORIES. I used to pile on my accessories. I still do love a quirky clip and ribbon here or there but now in my 30s I am a lot more clever with what I wear and more importantly – when I wear them.

Primark has amazing accessories for the new season as you can find that beautiful clutch or statement boot for such an affordable price. That gorgeous black clutch looks so expensive and you will find it is perfect for the party / Christmas season too and easily can be worn with a trench in the Spring. Now look what I spotted in H&M. Lots and lots of cute dresses and skirt all styled with trainers. They are the go to footwear when moving from summer to winter. No wet ankles or cold toes around here!

The last thing I have to add is something I have not tried yet but definitely will for AW19 and that is the CO-ORD look. Look at this amazing styling from H&M. This is in fact a trouser and top put together with a chunky coat. So effortless and so chic and you can wear the look separate too which is great for getting your moneys worth. But you also can team the trousers with a nice cream blouse in the Spring or with chunky boots in the winter along with a cool thick jumper. The mixing and matching is just what you need to do for transitioning.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and remember you do not have to go out and shop till you drop when moving into a new season. It is all about mixing your summer bits with what you already have for AW. Easy and effortless just layer and always start from the bottom.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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