With the summer holidays coming to an end, us as parents, are running out of ideas of what to and where to take the little ones – if you are still alive and need some ideas I have the perfect place. Last week I took the kids here on Friday and they loved it. It is a great if you have multiple kids, only one or maybe children of different ages – boys and girls would both love and it is great for a rainy day activity.

There are lots they can do and it is something new and exciting for them to take in and enjoy – I took them to The Wonder Factory which is a pop up insulation in Bluewater. It is not a soft play or a play zone its really a fun and artistic place to go and be creative. The kids can take pictures and do really cool tik toks or like my boys just really enjoy the experience.

I love taking the boys to new places and I do recommend this gorgeous and super fun place. You pay £9.99 per person apart from under 2s, who can enter in free. You have an hour inside and you can go into different rooms and spaces as much as you want. It was not busy when we went – which was great and you should wear a mask apart from taking selfies. We took a lot so I decided to leave my mask off. There are hand sanitisers everywhere and lovely ladies who are always around cleaning (wearing masks and head guards). We also all had our temperatures taken on arrival and you must book tickets in advance.

This room was one of my favourites – the disco lights on the ceiling and the wall on walls of mirrors played tricks on the brain and was just super entertaining.

There was a blossom / macaroon room where a lady was making candyfloss – which was a lovely touch. The kids enjoyed that room…

Don’t get me wrong – some rooms the kids had no interest in – but for older kids they would absolutely love like the pink neon room and the room with the hanging flowers (which was so pretty).

The confetti room was the room which we spent the majority of our time in. The kids loved just going crazy and throwing the confetti round. It was lovely seeing them just having such a good time and being about to just go bananas – and it wasn’t in my house.

Do you know how hard it is to teach little people how to use an old style of phone? Very!

We finished the tour with lots of jumping in the marshmellow pool – which was clearly labelled as a NOT a soft play but my kids went all out for it and were not told off as there was no one else in there but us. We all had such a good time. The only thing I would recommend is that you take your time and make sure you go into every room and really enjoy it. There are around 12 rooms so make sure the kids understand what is going on in them all and really embrace it. Also, I do think £10 is a bit too much for entry. I spent that money as we haven’t really been anyway due to the current situation, so I felt that we could treat them and let them have fun.

You can find out more and book tickets here – – the factory is on the lower level next to Marks & Spencer and is on till November so why not go and treat them, or yourself?!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post? Much Love.

Assuntina Xxxx

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