A few weeks ago a lovely little baby girl was born and I knew months ago that I wanted to get her something special but also something that her mummy would appreciate and use. There are so many frames, ornaments and paintings you can buy. But as a mum I know the things I would love, are things that my baby needs and will use – hopefully ASAP.

So when we knew the little one was baking I popped into The Card Factory and spotted this gorgeous basket / hamper for £5.99.

You are thinking right its just a hamper. No, this is amazing for £5.99 you get the basket, the plastic sheet for covering, the paper for stuffing and the ribbon too. It is quite deep so make sure you have enough to fill it. I brought this back in January but they are still in store, due to popular demand and you can even buy online – here.

I love a hamper especially when it is made with love and full of amazing things I know the baby will need, and mummy will love. Its a win win really. I then had to start filling it up. This I did admit took months. As I wanted to make sure I placed items in there that I know the baby needed but also some things I knew the whole family needed and liked.

The baby we knew would be a girl and born in July so I knew (having summer babies myself) that babygrows for a newborn were a must. I never brought babygrows in that size for Lorenzo I used all over Khillians. Everyone told me you would get them as gifts and newborn was too small. How wrong they were. I was lucky I saved everything but you need to buy newborn size as babies, normally, do not come out big when they are born. I always try and stay away from pink and got some beautifully printed babygrows from Boots for her. The rest were actually from Pep & Co. The flag I got from Poundland ages ago. I popped all the babygrows in one place in a big sweet bowl from Poundland and packed it with balloon confetti. So messy businesses when they were taken out, but that’s the point.

I then brought one pair of shoes (as they were so cute) from Pep & Co but normally I wouldn’t as we all know what shoes and newborns are like. The tin is from Poundland and I filled with cotton wool as I cleaned the boys with just water when they were born. I thought just easy and ready to use for bath time. The teddy is from Poundland and just too adorable to not buy.

I could not help but by the little lady a dream catcher. I brought one for her sister and my kids both have one. I love that they have deep meaning and are so beautiful. This one was from Flowstore on Etsy and it is made with Rose Quartz a calming stone of the heart. It is a crystal of unconditional love and carries feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. The perfect add on for her nursery.

You will not believe this, this was £2 from Poundland. A bargain – I did buy it months ago but knew it would be perfect for the baby’s room. I brought the batteries too so mummy and daddy didn’t have to worry about that. Folks – – – always buy the batteries.

I did buy this print after I saw the baby’s nursery but once I saw it I loved it and thought it would fit perfectly in her room. Khillian wanted to get her a bottle and a dummy. So we did and the socks are because as a mum I am always running out of socks. So I thought I would get the baby the necessities! Of course 0-3 as no one ever buys that size and that is the size we always need. The socks are Primark and the print and bottle are Poundland.

Here is the finished present. Do not worry I did not buy her just the items above there was lots more but the general idea is – it is not about the money and how much it cost its always the thought behind it. You can always add in books and CDs and even things for mum so alcohol and creams. There is always more to do. Its the thought and love that is behind it that always makes a homemade hamper such a great idea.

You can give a hamper for a birthday present, anniversary, wedding present or even a Good Luck present that is why they are so good. Have fun with your hamper!

Much Love

Assuntina X

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