This year we asked our son what he would like for this birthday – the usual – toys, cake, sweets etc. The other thing he wanted was to go to Legoland. As big Lego fans we were not sure if he was too young as we wanted him to really enjoy the experience and remember it. As the Spring loomed in I asked again if he wanted a party with his family and friends. He said, no. He wanted to go to Legoland. 

Therefore his theme this year was Lego. He had Lego themed toys, a Lego cake, Lego accessories for school and a trip to Legoland. Thought you might like to see how it went..

Legoland is big – yeah you would think it was. But it is bigger than you think. We arrived at 10:15am – the park opens at 9:30am and we left at 4:40pm and we only did a quarter of the park. We didn’t go to the water park. the family section (which was ideal for Lorenzo), NinjaGo. There is toooo much to do. You need 2 days – that is why so many people stay over night. I don’t blame them, we should of done that but it is a lot of money in the Lego Hotel. Just another excuse to come again. 

One of the first sections in the park, closest to the entrance is the Star Wars Lego Centre. 

It is great and perfect for any Star Wars fan, which my son seems to be becoming. You can bring the prams in, it can get dark inside but so much fun to look at and lots of opportunities for pictures. Which, beware, starts off queues – and then you realise you are queuing for a picture with a large Darth Vader made out of Lego, which you cannot really see anyway see as he is black and so is the dark room. But oh well! 

There was flashing lights, moving pieces and parts of the films were shown on TV above out 

There are lots of sections for kids to enjoy themselves – in the Pirate section Khillian loved digging for treasure in the water. He got soaking wet, and I had no spare clothes for him, but at the end he got a great gold medal. Which he was very pleased with, and is sitting proudly in his room. 

Once Lorenzo went for a nap, Khillian and Mark were queuing again for a ride I was able to sit down and noticed that Legoland was great in joining the no plastic straw rule. All their straws were cardboard. (Nice Fact!). 

We love these machines and try to get a coin in every place we visit that has them. 

This is where we ate dinner, we recommend you bring your own food, we waited ages and paid a bloody fortune. In general Legoland is amazing but you need to go for more than one day. It is fun but I was expecting to see a lot more Lego. I think as my little ones are so small they just wanted to go on all the rides and the shop – my God the shop is amazing. Lego everything! Be warned, it is expensive but we did buy the kids something amazing and treat them, as it is both their birthdays (Lorenzo’s next month). But as I said to the shop assistant – ‘My God, its worst then Saturdays at Primark’ and it is!

The playground is huge! It looked so pretty but the kids didnt even have time to play in it. 

We all had a blast at Legoland – and we will be coming again. Its not far from us – just under an hour, it was just soooo big. If you are looking for something fun to do with your little ones. Save save save your money, wear comfy shoes and prepare to nudge your way in the Shop – oh all at Legoland, of course!

Also thought you might like to see the most beautiful Lego cake from my new baker – – – The Bubble Bakers



Until next time!


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