A few people have asked me where the kids clothes are from and how I decide to dress them. As we were going away I thought I would tell you a few of my tricks and tips on how I style and pack for the kids.

The first thing I do is I pick Lorenzo’s clothes first and the reason I do this is because he is the youngest therefore he has the less amount of clothes. So technically he is the hardest. Then I match up with Khillian and then myself and Mark. So if Lorenzo is wearing a red top I try to match the design to something Khillian has. Then I match the jeans. Or I will match the tops and put on them different shorts. For the boys the three things I always match and buy the same are Coats, Shoes and PJs.

This was us on our 7 hour journey to Cornwall. I love to colour coordinate the kids with us. When we travel it is all about comfort and style. This travel day we stuck with khaki and black. Two colour combos I love on the boys.

On our full first day the kids wore the same cute tee.

I brought these tops from George at Asda months ago. I love the slogan and in particular the colour. I don’t like my boys in blue. I love to experiment with different colours and patterns. The jeans are both skinny jeans but completely different and the shoes are from George and Khillian’s are Primark. Khillian has narrow feet and Lorenzo has wide feet.

I have mentioned these raincoats before in my previous Cornwall blog post. I brought them on Amazon and they arrived the next day. Perfect for the boys and come in many sizes (which is hard for a nearly 3 and 6 year old).

This was a morning outfit on our second full day. It was cold and really windy. The boys wore black skinny jeans from Primark and Khillian’s top is from George at Asda. Lorenzo’s jumper was Khillian’s when he was younger. In the afternoon they changed to this…

The matching navy swimming trunks came in a set from Primark and are last years buys. Khillian’s tee is from F&F and I brought it in store months ago. I love it every time I look at it. Lorenzo’s is from George and sums him up in one go! Summer hats are from TU at Sainsbury’s.

Me and Mark always match the kids too. This was my logo fun tee and its from Peg & Folly.

This was the day we had a lot planned. I wanted the kids to be comfortable and not too cold. These long sleeve tops came in a pack of 3 from George but the boys got them for Christmas. I sometimes match them up but I love to mix them too. They wore them with grey skinny jeans and their black trainers. All from Primark.

On the day we came home everyone wore comfty clothes. Joggers for Khillian and Mark and Lorenzo had khaki stretchy cargo pants. I love them! We all wore logo fun coloured tops. You cannot really see them but they are sooo cool and the kids looked awesome.

How do you dress your kids when you go away? I would love to know.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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