You may think ‘Oh My God they have just gone back to school. Why I am thinking about Halloween?’ – Well the truth of the matter is the shops have AMAZING products and outfits and you really do have to grab the outfits you love before they all sell out, and they will!

The shops have everything from home decor to kids fashion attire and I thought I would let you know the best places to get your Halloween bits and bobs from. Everything is very affordable and, if you read my blog, all items are just a little unique and quirky.

The number one place I always go to for my kids and for Halloween is H&M. We brought Khillian’s bat costume from last year from H&M they restocked it and is back online this year. The kids still play with it till this day. They have such a great collection from newborns to teenagers. Girls and boys and most of the costumes can be worn by both sexes – which I love. This year’s costumes are from H&M too.

I mean look at what they have in store…

Their items are so creative, fun and very different. Less plastic and polyester and more trendy and wearable.

The reason I highly recommend H&M is because they have so much to offer – capes, PJs, socks, hoodies and big dressing up costumes as well as face stickers, hair bands, tights and all the things you never thought you could buy or even need – but they are just soooo good to miss out on. They have the cutest co-ord combos for kids making them look perfect for the Halloween season but not uncomfortable and dressed in hot and even dangerous fabrics. I mean, look at that bat skirt! If your little ones do not like Halloween but just want to wear a cool jumper, H&M is the place to go.

The other day I walked into Sainsburys to do some returns and saw their full Halloween section…it is divine! The greatest thing about TU is they have all the good costumes – the full mask, wig, jackets, make up etc and they have it for the whole family! They also have the most adorable tshirts and tops, socks and leggings which I love and always buy for my boys as they both love Halloween. Prices are amazing and you can buy online as well as on store so do check them out.

One place I do not shop in often, but for my kids I tend to look in for Halloween or Christmas and Easter is Matalan. I think their collection is great this season for Halloween because there is something for everyone. For the child who wants to just be Spiderman, the girls who wants to be a mystical mermaid and the teenager who wishes she was dating a vampire. Everything can and is all under the Matalan roof…

The last place I have to highly recommend is George – they have a great and very affordable collection of costumes for kids and every year the collection for boys, girls and babies get bigger and better. I am going to show you the pieces I loved and some I will definitely be buying for the kids. I mean, those Halloween PJs I want for myself no matter for them. They are so nice and come in sizes 1-8 years and I love a shop that does that.

Such trendy and gorgeous pieces and no one gets left out. It is not so much about tutus but more about your little ones being dressed nicely and stylish for Halloween and not having to be uncomfortable. The clothes wash really well and do last. Money well spent.

I hope this blog post has helped you when looking or trying to choose your kid’s Halloween costumes and all I can say is Happy Halloween Shopping…

Much Love

Assuntina X

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