I have spotted this amazing place on Facebook last year and instantly messaged them to see when they would be open. When I saw them on Facebook the location was being painted and all the equipment was being placed in the facility – and it looked right up my street. The Enchanted Wood Land is based just off of the Bexleyheath turning. Some call it Sidcup but it is on the Blackfen strip of parades.

Monday – Friday it is a pre-school (and I believe it is great for special needs) therefore it can only be accessed by the kids that attend the school but it is open to the public from Friday PM and Saturday all day with the sessions being named Stay and Play. As well as all half term days. We went on Friday and we love, love loved it. Here are some reasons why…

To get into the Enchanted Wood Land you have to book a space online – it is £6 child and you pay when you arrive. I like this idea as when you arrive you know you have secured a space and will not get turned away. There is a wall of pockets where EVERYONE has to place their shoes (including mums and dads) and a coat stand where you leave your coats. No carrying around needed. The gate is very safe and can only be opened by a member of staff.

The decor is amazing. So stunningly done and very Danish – which I adore. Everything is wooden, covered in plants and just decorated to make it all look expensive, chic and just so pretty. The Enchanted Wood Land is where kids can go from birth to 6 years (so Khillian just made it in). They can dress up with role play and imagine they are having tea and cake at home, or shop in the Supermarket. They can even pretend they are builders on the construction site.

The spaces for role play are very ‘Ikea’ as they look like they are in little houses – they are big enough to hold for 4-5 kids but they are modern, on trend, clean and have everything the kids would need – including vintage kettles, money, coins and even almond milk! Lorenzo loved the dressing up areas (as it is more suited for his age).

Khillian is more into construction so he quickly visited this section… It was a larger section and had 2 tractors so the kids can go on them and roam round as well as accessories to use like hard hats and tools.

There are other sections in the Enchanted Wood Land which really caught the boy’s eyes and they loved to play with…

That’s right – right near the front window is a good sized sand pit. It doesnt have a lot of sand, which I prefer as there is enough to play with but not enough to be thrown around. There are enough buckets, spades etc to go around. Very well thought about.

They have a small trampoline which is really cool and suitable for all ages. Khillian was on it for ages and Lorenzo loved that he could see himself in the mirror behind him.

All around the Wood Land are so many wooden toys (which you all know I love) – small wooden hedgehog roller bikes, smaller toys for babies and wall toys which kept the boys entertained for ages.

One of the most prettiest things in the Wood Land is, of course, the wooden teepee. Decorated with cushions inside and placed right next to the sand pit.

This little section was suited for toddlers. It is a very simple shelf with different books, puzzles and small toys in it like wooden train tracks, airplanes, trucks and cars – which is great as my kids love this sort of things. They also had plastic toys in this section and a lot of Peppa Pig too.

The cherry on top?

It has a very big soft play. Now it is not massive but my big man, who is 6 thought it was big and it is bigger than some of the ones I have been to. The soft play is clean, has a lot of equipment in there and the kids enjoyed themselves so much!

The Enchanted Wood Land has a lot of great bonuses. There is lots of child friendly music playing, cameras are everywhere so security is amazing. They have toilets with stools for kids, friendly hand driers and changing tables. There are benches decorated with faux fur throws (love this) for mums to sit down, especially in the soft play area – but there are seats dotted around for mums to sit on There are not many big tables but when you are in there you do not really notice this. The Enchanted Wood Land has a great buggy park, which is covered, outside so no prams are aloud inside, making it more spacious for everyone else to play.

There is a small ‘coffee shop’ where you can have hot and cold drinks – snacks for the kids and fruit, but there are are no bins so you have to give your rubbish to the members of staff.

They also have an upstairs here which can be used to hire out for parties. You will be able to hire everything out exclusively so you would get all of downstairs for play and then upstairs for seating and eating.

Over all – – – – we LOVED it. It is a bit sad that this is really the last year Khillian can use the play area but it is easy to see why, with little babies crawling and moving around. The prices are very reasonable, it is very clean and very modern which I thought was great! The only downfall, for us, was the location and parking. We parked behind in the Co-Op car park but you can only park there for 2 hours. The first hour is free, but we got there at 11:30am and finished at 2pm (you have a 2 hour slot) therefore I was worried about my car getting a ticket. If I walked there or got the bus it would be fine. With the car it is tricky.

Would I go back? Yes of course. Would I recommend to my friends? I already have and would I book a party there..? It is already in the plans. The kids loved it and want to go back again already so all in all a great place to go if you live in the South East and would love to try somewhere new for the half terms. See more details on their Facebook page here.

If you have visited The Enchanted Wood Land please do let me know or leave a comment. We loved it and think its a great place to go with kids!

Much Love

Assuntina X

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