Today we decided to do something different, yet something fun, and easy to prepare us for Christmas so we took the boys to the Canterbury Christmas Market. We have been to a few different markets over the years but what we liked about Canterbury was it lasts till 24th December and there is even an itinerary on what goes on every day – there is a lot of live music – which the kids loved and LOT of food and drink on offer too. 

In Canterbury there was a lot to see and there were actually a lot of market stalls which all had a lot to offer. I love Canterbury and have been there before. It has such great history and with the rustic and beautiful buildings, romantic setting and a absolutely stunning Cathedral it really is a place I would visit time and time again. It is a 50 minute drive from our house and was so easy to get to. 

There was a seating area with lots of space, a live band, Father Christmas’ Grotto, elves, Christmas fairies and more…

When I say there was a lot on offer, I mean there was so much to see. We came home with our hands full and it was so much fun. 

There was a stall that sold any type of wreath imaginable and there were even plain ones for you to buy and decorate yourself
Taking front seat in Father Christmas’ sleigh – yes there was a Grotto but for us, one viewing of the jolly old man is enough…

After the markets we went for a long walk through Canterbury town centre and it was beautiful…There was so much to look at but my favourite had to be the unique boutiques and restaurants. There was even a magic bar – where they have different magicians in every night and you can eat, drink and enjoy the show. 

The selection in this sweet shop was outstanding to say the least and it looked like something out of Harry Potter. We spend £30 in it! Most of it was my husband’s selection. 

We finished the day with a late lunch, a long walk back to the car, an hour of driving, hot chocolate and big warm cuddles in front of the Christmas tree. Pure holiday heaven. 

Dont worry lots of pictures were taken to get this one, and there were arguments too. Thats real life folks. 

Much Love

Assuntina X

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