It is officially March and as Spring is looming and we all start to do a great, big, Spring clean I thought I would recap on the New Year, set goals, to do lists, New Years Resolutions and more.

We are 8 weeks into 2019 and by now a lot of people have given up their New Years resolutions and just trying to ‘Wing It’ – nothing wrong with that at all…but I thought I would catch up on and tell you about my past weeks.

My 8 weeks had a great start and then went a bit rocky…weather, child back at school and hormones all kicked in and added with a slice of anxiety – I was a hormonal mess. So what I did was come the end of Jan I went back to my notes and goals and recapped on what I wanted to achieve in 2019. It is hard after Christmas with money being low, seasonal cheer out the window but I am a firm believer that you have to make your own luck and cant expect a great year to fall in your lap.

Here are a few things I did that I did to help me mentally. Everyone is different but just doing these once or twice a week really made me fell different and better. This time of the year is difficult but you can achieve your goals if you stay focused and do the below…

  1. Took Time Out

When I told my husband I was going to the spa (without him) and he had to look after the kids. He was a little taken back. ‘Ok, how come?’ my response. ‘Cause I want to’ – Something I never do. I booked in a spa appointment the day before, left the house 3 hours before my appointment with a book in my bag and left him too it. I came home feeling amazing, refreshed (having quiet time to myself) and feeling just myself again. It wasn’t about being relaxed and treated. I just wanted some time to myself. 2

2. I Put Myself First

My kids and my family are my life. But there are times I do feel suffocated and just want a cup of coffee on my own. So this year I planned to do some little things for myself. It s fact that when you are on a plane they always say put your oxygen mask on before your children’s. Without you, they are all on their own. So I knew I had to start taking care of myself. I booked in a eye appointment, dental appointment, GP check up and made it a priority to get on track with life. For me, and for my family.

3. I Organised The House

I know it sounds ridiculous but with Mrs Hinch and Marie Condo (if you dont know, what the hell are you doing?) – I went through everything – the kitchen cupboards, the kids wardrobes, the garage, sock drawers. Everything you can imagine. If I didn’t use it in a year it went in the bin. I instantly felt better and one of the things I told people is that I wanted everything off the floor and counters. Everything had to be up and away. I love the results and I love how it makes me feel. I brought lots of boxes, containers, shelves and organised my life.

4. I Made Sure We Had More Date Nights

It is always something I concentrate on. Having time to ourselves is rare with work, play dates, after school clubs etc. So I always book something in, just me and my husband. Can be big or small but it always counts and makes us feel great. January is my birthday – we normally go away for the weekend but this time I decided on the theater – I love it, and don’t go enough. Normally we try to do something once a month.

5. Booked In Time With Loved Ones

This was so important. One of my NY resolutions was and is to make more effort with the ones I love. So I booked in lots of slots to make sure I saw people. So many great memories have already been made and we are only in March. I highly recommend you do this, just sending a text to someone to say hello works a treat too.

6. Read, Lots

When I have a lot on, reading really relaxes me. I made a conscious effort to read more, different books and fun authors too and not just to follow the trends on social media. Which I have done before. Its a great way for me to switch off relax and just not sweat the small stuff.

7. Spent Money On Myself

I know, a weird one. But all mothers know you spend all your money on kids. Clothes, accessories, books, bags and everything in between. So I thought I am going to treat myself to this and I go by the rule of one thing a month. Can be a new shampoo, dress, shoes, book or even lipstick. One thing a month is not going to break the bank and when you get it and try it on you feel like a new woman. I want my kids to see me happy and not always as the strict parent who is always giving out rules. Showing them I have a personality and dress nice, or do my hair differently lets them see the person I am. Not just the mum their know.

8. Went For More Walks

Its is true that when in doubt go for a walk. I made sure I did as much as I could with the boys and the family outside. With the weather being good. I.e. Not raining – the fresh air does wonders for everyone.

9. Did Fun & New Things With The Kids

Yes, I am one of those mums. I am creative and love to do new things. My kids are my life and when I was younger I did sod all so I am that mum that goes one and over for my kids. Small things, affordable and different. Because, well I care and I can. We went to Mini City, a SuperHero arts and crafts morning, Bus adventure, coffee shops, park, cinema, swimming and more.

10. Booked Something Exciting…

Well if you know me you know I like to plan in advance. So I have booked a few sneaky trips here and there to have something to look forward. But the next big thing is my husband’s birthday. One thing I love is booking surprises. They are something to look forward to when you are feeling down. Its a little pick me up and who doesn’t love those…?

Hope you loved this blog post and would love a comment..

Much Love

Assuntina X

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