A few weeks ago I wanted to do something with the kids that was outdoors, fun and cheap but due to the fact that we have been to every local park I wanted to try something different – Of course I did! I had a look around Facebook (always great for mums if you want to search for something local to do). Last year we went strawberry picking but this year I just was not feeling it. The kids normally get hot and bothered after 20 minutes or so and I knew they really wanted to do something challenging and super fun. So I was excited when Stanhill Farm offered a Summer Activity Trail, as my kids love a scavenger hunt!

We absolutely love Stanhill Farm and have been visiting it for years – we pick our pumpkins from there every Halloween, strawberry picked there and even shopped there for fresh fruit and veg during lockdown. They sell the BEST Christmas trees around, it has been proven, and it is a great place to entertain the kids with its open space, small but such a sweet coffee shop / area and is super local – we can walk there from our house.

The day we decided to go to Stanhill Farm, it was sooooo hot! I made sure the kids had everything they needed as I wasn’t sure if the coffee area was open but we set off (for the 5 min drive, purely to enjoy the air conditioning) and made sure we brought our own pencil for the summer trail.

I would make sure the kids wear comfty shoes – trainers are best and not flip flops as there were areas that were muddy and messy, and if your kids are like mine, and want to kick everything – trainers are the best thing. Wellies would be ok but maybe change their shoes in the car due to the heat. When we arrived we went to the large tent that is in the field and paid £1.50 for a trail sheet and then we were told where the trail would start. The boys had to look for the letters which made up a word. The word spells out what the farmers on the land, so their main job. The boys absolutely loved it!

There was so much to see and the boys continuously asked questions about what the farmers were growing, what the machines did (if they could climb and ride the machines). The open space to run around in and running to and from the letters was great and it is a great way to enjoy the day and keep them busy. I would say it is a fun activity to do for all ages too. Lorenzo who is 3 was counting all the letters he spotted and Khillian (who was 6 at the time) was reading and writing the letters down.

It took us a while to get around the whole field, probably and hour pr so – it really is a good early morning or afternoon (try to knacker them out) activity and there is no time limit so you can stay there a lot longer if you wish.

On every plaque there is also a fact about the farm, which I thought was a lovely touch. Khillian learnt lots and still remembers them now.

The Summer Activity trail is still on now and I believe runs till the end of the summer holidays. At the end the kids get a prize and you also get a complimentary tea or coffee – not pad for £3! I have added links to this blog post and the full details can be seen below but if you need more information on Stanhill Farm check out their website or Facebook page as they place all information on there regularly.

As the weather is meant to clear up next week and the sun is planning to make an appearance – and you would like some fresh air I would highly recommend!

Hope you do try it out and if you have been there please do leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the trail…

Much Love

Assuntina X

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