We all had an amazing 6 weeks summer holiday. We did so much and a lot of the places we went to were free!

We finished off the summer holidays with a trip to one of our favourite farms in Kent – Kent Life. We have lots of memories here. We have brought the kids here since Khillian was a baby, as it is only 30 minutes from our house, so much to do and they have a large, arts and crafts station, soft play, outside play area and so many animals to see and touch. This day that we came, was a day we will never forget as they had an Ice Cream Festival here. And my kids love ice cream!

If you have never been to Kent life, you really should go. They have animals outside waiting for you to come in – Geese, horses, donkeys and llamas. 

On this particular day it was so busy. We have never seen it this busy before and we have been many times. There were more activities put on display for the kids – including an old fashioned gypsy caravan which you were aloud in to and face painting near by. 

The animals are not placed in one section, you have to walk around the farm to see all of them and there is everything from chickens, to lambs, meerkats, cows, pigs, snakes and guinea pigs and there is also a cuddle corner which you can go into and get to hold the rabbits and lambs. 

The craft corner is one of my favourites, and on this day there was so much for kids to do. 

The buildings are also beautiful to look at as they are all the original houses, farm houses from the 1930s and there is even a chapel that has been there for decades. We were able to go inside and see what they looked like – one house even had a bomb shelter from the Second World War in the garden. 

At the back of the farm was where all the ice cream was and boy were the flavours amazing. I had cherry and raspberry sorbet – my mouth was tingling for ages and the boys loved their strawberry delight! There was over 20 flavours of ice cream to choose from. 

After lots of ice cream (and brain freeze) we watched a Punch and Judy show and it was so much fun! So funny, so creative and all the kids were loving it. I love anything retro and this was such fun to watch – especially since we were all sitting on barrels of hay. 

You can also get married at Kent Life and who wouldn’t want to get married in a beautiful pink chapel?

We had a lovely time at Kent Life – and we always do! It was a great way to end an amazing summer and we cannot wait to see what the Autumn holds for us here. 

Halloween here we come. 

Much Love


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