A week ago or so I wanted to take my big man out, just me and him and always planned to take him to the theatre. We have been to a couple of shows before but not one that was this local to us. We stopped for a hot drink and snacks and made the 10 minute journey to the show. It was packed. 

Kids and dinosaur toys were everywhere. We booked centre seats and were one of the first ones there. 

My big man was so excited. 

The theatre was packed and the lights on the side changed colour when telling the story. In total 8 dinosaurs came out onto the stage. The kids learnt their names, what they eat, how they live, where their families are from. There was a little egg in the corner and the kids had to tell Miranda – the host – every time it moved as it was ready to hatch. The kids loved the interaction.  It really was a great show. There was also lots of different people taking their little ones – mum, dads, grandparents, carers. 

Of course we had to get the binoculars out. 

Lots of different dinosaurs came onto the stage – big and small and they were all maneuvered by a lovely person. The person / engineer didn’t talk but they had microphones and did the noises of the dinosaurs too. 


The way the dinosaurs moved were amazing – and the great thing about the show is that volunteers could go on to help feed the dinosaurs, wake them up, play with them etc. 

The Triceratops was a big hit, and so was his little baby who you could meet after the show, in the foyer. 

The biggest and best dinosaur to come out was, of course, the T-Rex. The kids had to scream and roar at it to make it go away. It took 3 people to work it and it was big!

At the end of the show we then waited a few minutes to meet on of the dinosaurs on stage. You can pet it and it came really up close to you. The kids were loving it!


At the end of the show one of the Raptors was out in front and we could take a closer look at it. It was amazing to see how they were being worked. 

My big man loved the show and I was so happy I brought the tickets. Unfortunately it is now sold out and therefore not on at the moment, it was a popular show and you have to by the tickets when you see them. The Orchard Theatre have lots on at the moment like Teletubbies, Horrible Histories and Aladdin (thats our next one). So have a look here for more information about shows and times. 

They also have shows for adults so have a look and see if anything tickles your fancy. 

Much Love


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