We recently went somewhere that I couldn’t wait to share with you as I think you will love for your kids (and yourselves) – especially if your kids are like mine and love Lego. We visited The Chatham Dockyards in Kent as they have a temporary exhibition describing all about the events that are well known throughout history and they have been designed and made all out of Lego. The exhibition is curated by Warren Elsmore – it is amazing and includes parts of history such as The Suffragette Movement, the invention of the Smallpox Vaccine, Titanic, Martin Luther King’s speech and even the first Underground being built. If you want to read about the exhibition I have left a link here. It is free but you do have to have a membership with the Dockyards to enter. 

Chatham Dockyards is a great location for families – especially if you live in Kent. I highly recommend it.  They have events throughout the year like Easter Egg hunts, Halloween Horror nights, trails and pirate arts and crafts in the spring half terms and so much more. They also have the historic ships that you can board and take a tour around. It is amazing – they also have tanks, helicopters and submarines there too. On the grounds is a secret garden and two really big playgrounds for kids, not forgetting a soft play (for those rainy days) and a sand pit in the summer.  

We arrived in the afternoon with sun, clouds and a lot of wind. The entrance to the Dockyards is beautiful and very serene. Lots of parking and a playground to the left of the entrance. When you enter you can also see the nautical themed Gift Shop…and on this day they had Lego for sale, which was linked to the exhibition (and we purchased, of course). 

The architecture is stunning with light oak beans on the sealing with simple lights hanging. Very open and very clean. 

We started off at the exhibion, which was close by. 

It is a great exhibition and there was also a short film presented which showed you the Lego in motion – so like the Lego Movies. So interesting and we loved it, just as much as the kids. 

The back of this volcano flashed different coloured lights.

These pictures on the walls were great to look at. The one of the big bang had 33,000 single lego bricks. 

My son’s favourite of them all…

I thought this scene was great…

Of course there was lots for the kids to do, for all ages. There was a big white table in middle with cushions and seating stools so the kids can make their own designs up – and big chunky Lego bricks for smaller kids. 

We all had a blast and were there was a while. As the sun was shining we decided to go for a walk and see the ships. We went into a lot of them, they are very detailed, interesting and very cramped. 

Nearby is a large warehouse style building which holds every type of transport you can imagine – speed boats, trains, trucks, bikes and horses (obviously not real ones). 

There is so much to see. We have been a few times now and still havent see it all. 

Anyone for softplay? This one is for under 5s, but its great and the kids loved it. Its in the shape of a train and I really liked the building it was placed in, there also is a steam train right beside it and a lovely eating area with lots of tables, chairs and benches. 

We decided to move onto our last spot for the day as it was nearly home time…

Yes thats right a sand pit with deck chairs, a Pirate’s Cove (food stand and ice cream) and pirates to sit and chat too. 

We really love Chatham Dockyards and have plans to come back in the 6 weeks holidays, so stay tuned to see what we will be doing there very soon. 

Would love for you to commend and let me know if you have been there and what you saw. 

Much Love


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