A couple of weeks ago I took the boys to a gorgeous garden centre near us that had a butterfly conservation inside. We have been to this garden centre a few times – it is very easy to get to and who doesn’t love a garden centre? Its a great day out, free, and all kids want to go to them. We love to go to garden centres at Christmas time. They are magical and anywhere that has toys and food in one place makes both my kids very happy.

On this specific trip my kids decided to dress up as pirates. I love when they dress up so I was more than happy for this to happen. I took them to Millbrook Garden Centre in Gravesend. They had on a butterfly experience which I believe is still on till 14th September. You cannot book online you have to turn up and pay for your tickets on the door. It opens from 11am – 4pm.

We arrived at 11am on the dot so there was a little queue but the kids didn’t mind as they had lots of things around them to keep them entertained like the Fairy House collection. You can find out more about the exhibition here. It is not expensive at all, I think its £3 for entry and kids under 2 get in for free.

I loved the decor at the Millbrook centre too. Those hanging watering cans were so cute and kids thought it was magic. Outside while waiting there were rules about the butterfly exhibition. We had taken the boys to see tropical butterflies in Ireland at Easter. They knew not to have fast actions in there, not to wave and act crazy and not to chase or harm the butterflies but to stay close, be calm and enjoy it. Also, it was very very very hot in there. It is not a very big space and you cannot stay in there for longer than 15 mins – but you wouldn’t want too, due to it being so hot. You are not aloud prams inside as its just too small.

When you walk in there are signs and facts planted all over the room so you can identify the specific butterflies, learn how butterflies are born / made, what they eat and where each butterfly is from. Before we went in, the kids were also given a sheet to identify and find around 12 different butteflies. Khillian loved trying to find them. The monkey with the orange on his head was a firm favourite for all the kids.

It was such a lovely experience to do with the boys. As my boys are always flying off the seats of their pants – this was something they had to be quiet and still for and they really enjoyed it.

Khillian really wanted to touch a butterfly and I told him, it probably couldn’t be done as there were so many and they just want to fly around all the time. Then this happened…

Of course as soon as Lorenzo spotted the butterfly – he scared it away. But Khillian sat still for 2 mins and it flew onto his head and stayed for ages. Maybe butterflies really do like pirates?

If you are looking for something to do with the kids for the remaining summer holidays – this is something that you will all like, then off to the coffee shop next door for cake and hot chocolate. Win win!

Much Love X


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