This week I took the kids out to a museum I have been waiting to take them to since Easter. I just never had the days or times mapped out correctly. Obviously the six weeks holidays turned up and the timing was perfect. The Horniman Museum is in Forrest Hill which is not far but the parking is terrible. As in, it would be better to take London Transport but with a packed morning we planned to go in the afternoon and I decided to drive there. It is only 25 minutes from our house, but the parking situation was bad.

Until – – – – I was told about this amazing app called Just Park.

You put in your post code of where you are planning to go and the app will show you the local parking areas but also all the drive ways you can park in that have been registered nearby. It tells you how much before you click on with pictures too so you know where you will be parking. You add in your registration number and then pay with PayPal. Park the car and go. So easy. We have used it lots of times and highly recommend when you plan to go to very busy locations like Greenwich, Camden or even Holborn.


The Horniman Museum has had a Lego exhibition on for a while now and it is on till October. So plenty of time if you want to go. The grounds of the Museum are beautiful, of course, it is all hills. So be prepared for a lot of walking and make sure you have comfortable shoes, along with the kids. The Lego exhibition was lovely and we stayed in there for a very long time. We saw lots of buildings, historical events and well known landscapes all made out of Lego. Which reminded me a lot like the Lego exhibition we saw at the Chatham Dockyard. You can read that blog post here.

The kids had a blast and loved looking around at all the amazing pieces. There was of course Lego everywhere so the kids had plenty of opportunity to build whatever they desired.

There was a massive Lego wall where everyone started to build their name out of Lego. Khillian loved this part as it allowed him to be creative yet he had to also focus on getting the letters all right. Its not the same as building a boat or another car.

There were stalls and little steps all over the room for the little boys and girls to also have the chance to play with the Lego too.

The display of the Lego was beautiful and the boys absolutely loved the aquatic scene.

There is just so much to see and do there and the kids have lots of space to walk around. You do not feel that you are on top of people. And when we went it was very busy.

There are tables everywhere for the little ones to play with and this was actually the Duplo table. The bigger blocks and next to this table are the giant blocks – which all the kids wanted to play with. Ideally they are for the babies. So there really is something for all the kids.

We really did love the exhibition and with Lorenzo playing and understanding more about Lego – he was ion his element.

After the exhibition we took a look around the Museum. I love going to museums and I love visiting them with my family. I love how they can learn so much all in one place, interact with items and view videos and play, draw. There are so many things you can do and the Horniman didn’t disappoint.

We looked back at what life was like in different areas of the World. The boys loved the camel in particular and were shocked at just how big it was. The sea projection was a hit with all the kids. It was pretty big and when you touched the fish or sharks they would move. Very cool.

Just outside of the projection is the massive wishing tree. There are papers and pen on the side and you can write your wish and put it on the tree and we did one each (well Lorenzo scribbled and I asked him what he wanted to wish for, and I wrote it on the paper for him). But their wishes were both very cute.

Walking more into the Museum we learnt about food chains and all the different animals that we have on the earth. The kids LOVED it.

Then we went for a walk in the garden – which are lovely. There is a lot of space for the kids to walk and run and they even have a musical playground.

Then we finished off the day – in our favourite way…. Ice cream and the gift shop.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and if you have been to the museum please do leave a comment as I would love to know what you thought.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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