With Halloween being our favourite holiday – I knew I had to take the kids somewhere that was fun, easy to get to and all ok with the Covid guidelines. I discovered The Upside Down House on Zoe Sugg’s Instagram about 2/3 years ago and knew that it was in Brighton. I always thought it was a great idea and just so quirky. A few weeks ago I was over the moon when I saw they had brought it to Lakeside – 20 mins from our house. So I booked the kids in and took them this morning. The prices are £4 per person for weekdays and £5 for the weekends and kids under 3 are free. However, I booked mine on offer 40% off, so paid £2.94 a person on their website here. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast but it is great if you have kids of varied ages. Older kids would love it here as they can use their imagination (and inner core more) so their pictures will come out funnier and really wacky.

The Upside Down House is in the Quay section of Lakeside near House of Fraser or around the corner from Primark, if that is easier. We didn’t have a time slot but you ideally do need to book in advance and when you arrive they just scan your code as it can get busy. We waited for 10 mins and you have around 30 minutes inside – which is more than enough. It is there for a while but for Halloween they made it all spooky, which the boys absolutely loved!

There was a lady downstairs and a lady upstairs who can help you be creative and give you some ideas with how to stand and take your pictures (and she also takes pictures for you). It was such a fun place and I would highly recommend if you want to get out the house with kids.

When you walk into the house you can feel very disorientated but there are lots of little sections you can play around in and take so many funny photographs in.

I mean what a memory…

The final shot…

And then we enjoyed the empty space around the house. The kids ran wild and we took lots of spooky selfies – I mean why the hell not its Halloween!

Have a great Halloween and make sure you visit the house it is so fun with little kids.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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