Oh my God what an amazing day we had this week. If you follow me on social and my blog you will know I, We, LOVE Kent Life. What is there not to love? I have been with the whole family, with one child, with both on my own and Mark has been with the kids and it is so much fun. I really should get a Membership here. I say that every time I am the till. I have never experienced the whole place in one day as there is just so much to see, and we have also never been for a Halloween experience, until this year. And it is amazing. Kent Life is just off of the A2 in Maidstone and about 20 mins from my house. It is a farm but they have something always on for Halloween, Easter Eggs hunts in the Spring, ice cream festivals, and Father Christmas even comes here! We have considered having the kids birthdays here as the location is so big. It consists of a petting corner (where you can also feed and hold baby lambs), there are private rooms and lots of them for parties, there is an adorable (well I love it) pink chapel that people get married in. A barn where a lot of arts and crafts magic happens. A lovely little shop/cafe with a large sit down area where you can have your lunch and tea. As well as a whole farm to see with lots of animals to feed.

Not forgetting a gift shop, absolutely MASSIVE playground that I can never take Lorenzo out of (he is obsessed with a playground), soft play, outdoor bouncy castle and a tractor to ride around the whole of the farm with.

So when I saw what they had to offer for Halloween, I could not resist. We went on Tuesday this week. The weather was cool and misty but no rain. It was lovely. At the moment they have on Halloween Spooktacular and it is running till the 27th October. You can book online, but I had problems and couldn’t actually do it on my phone. But you can buy tickets at the door and it will not sell out as the place is massive. When we went so many children dressed up and it was lovely to see. The boys loved seeing all the costumes – it was amazing and a lovely experience as the farm is really big. There is lots of place to park and with this weather I highly recommend you ALL wear wellies. I have to be honest it is not cheap to enter. £10 basically for an adult, 3-15 year olds pay £9 and I presume under 3 are free but I am not sure. But if you plan to spend the whole day there (and it can be easily done) then yes it is worth it. We were there for 4 hours.

So the day started off great. The boys were so excited to wear their costumes. They chose what they wanted to be this year. Khillian said a Wizard and Lorenzo (initially) wanted to be a mummy. At the last minute he chose to be a witch – I went to Poundland and brought a witches’ hat and broom and then a new Halloween top from H&M. Boom, bang he was the best witch ever! Lorenzo’s cape is Khillian’s bat one from last year, I just tucked in the hood. Khillian’s full Wizard outfit was from H&M and all his clothes are normal autumn clothes I have had for months.

Setting off for Kent Life – a lovely 20 minute drive and we arrived to the most amazing decorated Halloween venue. They went all out and you can see it was going to be an amazing day. This spider was at the entrance but there are lots of them dotted all over the farm.

The farm is so big, there are so many places to go and so many things to see, at this event especially there are so many amazing memories to make and picture opportunities to take. The kids had an brilliant time and I will always remember it as probably the best Halloween experience I have done with the kids so far.

After walking up a steep hill, which is hard with a pram (just a warning) you pass the coffee shop / cafe and you get to this amazing barn, where we…

Yes you can pay for the pumkins (and by card) £2.50 for a small and I think £3.50 for a big, sit down and start carving. It was so much fun and the kids did one each as this year we are not carving pumpkins as a family so I did not mind doing it here at Kent Life. The kids were so proud of their pumpkins.

We went for a walk further up – and the place was decorated with great Halloween substance. The kids were having fun with the animals and the surroundings and I was taking it all in. I love coming to Kent Life with the kids. It is so free and open and they can run around and there is so much to do. It really is a lovely place to be, especially on a great holiday like Halloween.

This is the beautiful pink chapel where they have weddings. It is stunning.

As the Trick or Treating started at 2pm we had some time to kill so we walked down to the main area at the bottom of the hill and went to the playground – which is huge! There is so much there and for all ages from little toddlers to teenagers. Swings, roundabouts, big slides, climbing frames and more. Right at the back is this little hidden gem – yes they even have a sand pit!

Welcome to Trick and Treating at Kent Life. We have never been trick or treating. It is just not really my thing and I prefer to do experiences and events with my kids then knocking on strangers doors asking for sweets. That’s just me. But here at Kent Life, you could Trick or Treat. I believe there were 5 doors and of course we did all of them quickly.

After Trick or Treating we headed off home. Filled with lots of memories, sugary treats, pumpkins and spooky tales to tell everyone. It was a magical day and I loved it – so I can only imagine what my kids were thinking. We didn’t touch the soft play, see cuddle corner, we only visited 3 animals, did not go on the spooky tractor yet it was the best Halloween ever! There is also a Magic Show on and a Ghost hunt. If I had Mark with me I would have stayed all day but…tiredness kicked in and I was craving a hot drink.

There is still time to go so if you want something to do this weekend…Visit Kent Life. Happy Halloween!!

Much Love.

Assuntina X

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