So yes, September is nearly over – but the whole reason I did a late Birchbox reveal is because this month I used the products… and they are better than ever! September’s box is all about new beginnings kick-starting your routine with better and more productive products. Whether it is to give you more motivation, a better night’s sleep – for some September is a new term – a new season. The same goes for beauty. These 5 little products were aimed at me so that I can start feeling ‘On Top Of My World’. 

Another month, another drawer pull out box. Which I love. They are easy to open, great for storage and I always reuse them for me or my kids. These are all the products together. 

First up – the Klorane Nourishing Conditioner with Mango Butter. This product is amazing. The texture is perfect and I thought it would make my hair greasy but it really felts like it gave my hair a good clean and it smells amazing! It is free from a lot of rubbish that some conditioners have in them and it really did make my hair smooth. I was gutted when it finished (lasted me about a week as I only used a tiny bit) – the full bottle is £10. 

I have always been a little worried about oils as I do have combination skin and tend to get a very oily T-zone. However this NUXE Prodigieuse Riche Oil is lovely and it smells like roses. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love the fresh and very strong smell it has. Reminds me of Spring and being outside. You only need a small amount and I used on my hands when the weather started to get cold. But you can also use on the tips of your hair, if you have dry hair, or even on your knees, toes – after a pedicure and yes you can use on your face too. I have lots left and will use in the winter when I have dry cheeks. Also great for travelling and when you get dry or irritated skin on the plane. It can also used to help with stretch marks. 

If you have read my previous Birchbox blog post, you will have seen I have received a lot of blushers – however, I have not used a Benefit blushers and this Box’O’Powder in Galifornia is a little different. It is slightly more peach and contains gold specs. And it smells amazing – I was quite shocked – it actually smells like grapefruit with a touch of vanilla.So it smells like going on holiday, great if you have the summer blues. However, due to the large amount of blushers I hold now, I tried something different and actually used it as a eyeshadow. It looked lovely on my eyes and surprisingly quite autumnal. Try it. 

I have heard so much about the Sand & Sky products therefore I was so pleased when they sent me this tester to try out. The Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment is just perfection in a tube. It is ideal for all skin types, which is great as mine is a mixture. I only left it in for a short amount of time – 5 or so minutes which was great as I was cooking dinner at the time – but I really felt that the treatment gave my skin a great good scrub. Once I washed my face it was soft and the best thing was it was matte after I used it. Then the glow followed. It is really simple to use and you can apply when you are in the shower too. I love this product – but the big bottle is £35! You get what you pay for. 

Lastly, a night cream I thought was pointless however my skin did love it. The Marcelle 24H Pollution Day and Night Emulsion. Pollution leaves a heavy stamp on our skin every day and if you commute to work or are always stuck in traffic doing the school run etc this cream is ideal and I think that every little helps, especially when you are getting older. Pollution also includes irritation, dehydration and dullness – which all normally comes at this time of the year. 

I used it in the morning and the night and it glided on easily and really gave some plump to my skin. I wish I was given more…

Along with all these great products I also received £10 off of my first order with Bloom & Wild – a stunning florist company who deliver flowers to your doors like a letter. Freshly made and catered for you. Who doesn’t want flowers to make them feel on top of the world?!

Until next month..

Assuntina X

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