Not long now and the little ones will be going back to school so I thought I would show you something we did a few weeks ago which I was really happy about and the boys had such a great time. We absolutely adore the outdoors. We feel better when we go outside and the kids fight less and laugh more so that is why I try and go out as much as possible in the holidays. Also, when the weather is this good you have to go out and enjoy it! They go on new adventures, find new discoveries and just get to run, run, run and climb, climb, climb – – – so I took them for a scavenger hunt at Broadditch Farm. You can find out more information here, but the farm is gorgeous and located in Gravesend so around 15 minute from us. It is located on a busy road but it is next to a lovely pub/restaurant so we went for lunch after and it was delicious.

Once we got to the Farm Shop and paid for entry which was £2.50 a child we crossed the road and started on our trail for the Scavenger Hunt. We were given a sheet of paper and had to find all the pictures throughout the woods and to keep us company was lots of fun activities to see and play with.

The woods are not scary or dangerous at all – we have been to so many woods and forests and they get better and better. These ones were lovely as we had to walk a little bit to get there – making the mystery even better. We brought the pram as Lorenzo was sleepy and even pushing the pram through the woods was not difficult at all, making it all more enjoyable and less stressful.

There was so much to see and do in the scavenger hunt. There are lots of wooden climbing sets like this gorgeous truck which the boys climbed all over as they couldn’t sit in it due to the wetness and rain – as well as lots and lots of headless pictures and the kids wanted a picture in every one of them.

Inside the scavenger hunt is also a Bug House – a great way to get the kids to stop and look around at what is in the woods. We saw spiders, beatles and lots of woodlice and Lorenzo being so small just wanted to touch them all.

The kids were having a blast and just wanted to see all the pictures they could place their heads in! There are around 10 of them – if not more.

Yes folks that is right – there is even a Mud Cafe in there. The day we went was warm but it had been raining for 3 days straight so the boys couldn’t really use it as it was really wet and muddy but to be honest they wanted to run and look for all the clues and pictures. But you can see there is so much you can do here. You can literally stay all morning or all day.

My two silly monkeys!

These are the pictures that the kids had to find, and there were around 12 of them. My kids have to find ALL of them. This hunt is easy and super fun and the kids will find them all so everyone wins!

There is also a play area in the woods – it has a swing in the shape of a horse and 3 beautiful tepees – which the kids kept going in and out of. This place is truly beautiful and just so creative.

Its is just a beautiful place to visit – even if you do not want to do the hunt (which I highly advise you do) there is so much to see and do. This is how we finished the day…

You can still go to the farm and do the Scavenger hunt as it is on till school starts but it is so affordable and the kids will love it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and if you have been please do let me know if you enjoyed it.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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