Yesterday we went somewhere new with the kids – it was the cherry on top of the Christmas holidays. Literally! We took them to The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City which was a small exhibition set in the V&A Museum on Cromwell Road.

Getting to the museum with a pram was am always is a nightmare! We take the pram so our little man can relax, sit when he is tired and have a nap – but also so we can hold all our bags and food. But South Kensington station has NO LIFT! Can you believe it? Of all the stations – the one that is near ALL the main museums, the tourist hot spot which is also near The Natural History Museum (the one with all the dinosaurs) has no lift.

But we did make it through – just about.

Once we parked the pram up we were greeted with this gorgeous bright opening to the exhibition. The smell was also amazing, However, finding the exhibition was also a great task. The V&A is a beautiful museum however with not a lot signs and barely any lifts we were walking for 25 minutes searching for it. I wouldn’t say this museum is child friendly. I think they try to adapt it to fit a lot of people’s interest but it was a little challenging at times. In the end the kids enjoyed it and so did the husband.

The exhibition is on till Sunday 6th January and is a fun place to take little ones. Please take note, it is small and no prams can go in. On a positive note it is unique, fun and just so cool. You get treated to postcards, stickers and a catelogue of all the buildings which are made out of gingerbread, chocolate and sweets.

The buildings also include light up devices throughout with caramel details, candy canes and also included are cars, bridges and rivers. All the building are also labelled so you know what is what and you can find out more details in the catelogue (which is free).

It was actually beautiful to see. It was so creative – both my boys loved it. It was something they have not seen before and great timing with their Christmas holidays ending.

The attention to detail was amazing.

The lady at the exhibition explained to me that she has caught so many children being told off by their parents for trying to touch the gingerbread houses. She also sees them, sneakily, licking them too.

Unfortunately – nothing can be done with the exhibition after the month it is open for. The gingerbread will be stale so cannot be eaten. The building can be brought, with permission, from the designers but if not they are destroyed. So sad really for beautiful pieces. Over night the room is also cooled down and left with diffusers to stop the pieces going moist.

As you can see you dont have long if you want to see the Gingerbread City and you do have to book online – but its a fun day out and even better if you kids are older and you dont need a pram.

Well, someone loved it!

After the exhibition we walked (and some of us ran) around the V&A and of course ended up at the gift shop. Standard for us.

A great day out – but like I mentioned in regards to prams and lifts it got tiring at the end – but what a way to end the Christmas holidays.

Much Love, till next time.

Assuntina X

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