I have two very important birthdays coming up. Yes my eldest is turning 5 and my youngest is turning 2. I am big on parties as I love planning them and making memories. The parties are for them but the memories are for us. We will look back and say remember when we dressed up as Indians, or remember when we walked in the blistering heat just for fish and chips and our favourite – remember when we hired that themed beach hut and slept over and were the first ones on the rides. It doesn’t have to cost much at all – and a lot of mine have cost barely anything. So I thought I would show you our past parties for the kids so far, as every year we organise a themed birthday for both of them. 

For Khillian’s 1st birthday we had a Cowboys & Indian theme – as an August baby he is lucky (most of the time) with the weather. We had a BBQ in our back garden which had wooden decking, trellis and burnt grass (perfect accessories for a barn setting). Everyone dressed up and we had sweets, munchies and the BBQ for dinner. 

I brought him a teepee as a gift and used it on the day. We still have it today.

As you can see my table setting ways have changed over the years – but I used old jars for the munchies and decorated them with twine. 

We all dressed up – here was the birthday boy matching with Papa – which they still love to do. I also had my dad make a signed that read ‘SALOON’ we still have it and will hang it up in the garden this summer. 

When Khillian turned 2 it was just before our wedding so timing was crucial and a lot of our weekends, time and money was being spent on the wedding. We of course wanted to do something that everyone could take part in but would be minimal effort – so we gave him a beach themed birthday. 

We invited all our close family and some friends to Southend – a beach we all go to quite a lot and had fun on the rides, ate lots of ice cream and food and kids came along too.

It was such a hot day.

We all went on rides and had a blast.

Every child went home with a party bag. I did go a little crazy but I love making things from scratch and being inventive so all the kids got an age appropriate beach themed goody bag with cookies that were also of that theme. Bags were cheap as chips from Ebay. 

Here is the birthday boy…my main goal at this point of the day is to get a shot of him blowing out the candles. So I am the one who is always taking the photo. Thats why I never hold the cake (FYI).

I loved this cake – it came with a little china boat, which we still have and keep in his memory box. I also make sure I put the age on the cake in some way or another – candle, little figurine, design etc. 

Birthday number 3 –

As I was heavily pregnant, and again suffering by carrying another human in the summer heat, I wanted to make sure I gave Khillian a great birthday that was fun, made him aware he was still my big man and that was easy for me too. So we threw him a circus themed birthday. We had it at home with just close family and cousins etc – and it was at our new house so we had more space to play with. 

I went as crazy as I could with print – mixed, matched and just went bananas – I got all the decorations, plates and table covers from the pound shop. The balloons were from a balloon shop local to us. 

I brought this birthday sign from Asda (I think) and once again placed it in his memory box…I also brought the brighest ribbon I could find and placed it on our front door. 

Food was anything bright, fun and anything that would be eaten by a 3 year old. Simple and playful. Easy. 

By far one of the best cakes I have ever brought. I wanted something fun and bold and showed off my little man’s imagination, kindness and spirit. My cake lady did wonders and once again I kept all the cake toppers. It was a gorgeous cake. 


Money shot…

We then went for our last family trip as a family of 3. I wasnt able to go on a lot of rides as I was 8 months pregnant but we went to Gulliver’s World – a theme park and resort. It was amazing and basically built for kids. We wanted to go to this location as I saw they had a section where you can stay in what looks like Jurassic Park. Unfortunately all the huts were taken, so we settled for a beach hut. On sand. It was lovely. We stayed for one night and it was perfect and a great little adventure for our little man. 

Gulliver’s World was almost 2 years ago – and we still remember how great it was for Khillian. In regards to staying over night I just booked online and then rung up to check the huts are exactly what I wanted in regards to size etc. There was a beach themed one, dinosaur, western one and one more but I am sure they have added more now. 

The hut was beautiful. 

See another great sunny day for my big man’s birthday…

The decor was so pretty

I still remember that view. There was ducks waddling all over the place too. 


We stayed in a hut with a double bed and bunk beds, small kitchen and toilet with a shower. 

Views were gorgeous too. 

I nearly stole the patio furniture but my husband wouldn’t let me. 


Anyway onto numder 4 and we now had another baba. So we had to be practical. We decided to invite family, friends and Khillian’s friends from nursery to a party at our house in the garden and we had a monster truck theme. The main attraction had to be our new tree house – I always wanted one when I was a kid. We booked a bouncy castle that was huge and only £50 for the whole day including set up and break down. 

We had racing bunting all over the garden (which was not easy to do. Lets just say I had to climb out of my window to do it) but it was worth it and yes I still have it in my birthday prep box. 

We opened the side gate, and placed this balloon on the door so people knew where the party was. 

Party bags included strawberry and chocolate doughnuts (to resemble monster truck wheels), fun toys, monster trucks and also some unicorn bits for the girls. The bags were decorated in a retro racing style. 

The cake. Easy – I brought 2 chocolate cakes and plonked them together. The bunting birthday decoration I brought the year before for his circus cake and never used it – I got it from Ebay. 

I them crumbled chocolate biscuits around the cake to make it look like mud and brought all these monster trucks from B&M and placed them on the cake. The boys still play with them every day!

The money shot, again. 

We have big plans for his birthday this year – but I’ll do another blog post sooner to the time. 

Now for Lorenzo – just because he was one does not mean I was going to do something small. Far from it in fact. As we had family over from Belguim and we always did a theme for Khillian – I knew I wanted to do something big for my little man so we organised a Dinosaur and Glitter party. 

Khillian and I made these adorable glitter hanging decorations for Lorenzo’s birthday and placed them all over our dining room ceiling. We adored them so much we left them up till Christmas. 

I got these tops made from a seller on Etsy – they say the boy’s names in the style of a dinosaur and they both have a different dinosaur design on their tops. And in gold glitter. 

The dinosaur bunting was from Sainsburys and cake was from a local cake shop. I wanted it to be plan as I wanted the cake topper to be the main focus. The number 1 I got from Ebay and the dinosaur topper was from Etsy. All dinosaurs are of course the boy’s. 

I shut off the living room (it’s where all the good toys are) and made a Jurassic style decor section which I planned to be a photobooth. I made a sign that reads in English – Lorenzo is One. I brought the props from Ebay and made sure everyone got a photo with them for memories. 

The kids got in too. 

I shared as much as I could as I hope you understand some pictures I kept for us privately as a family, but this is a snapshot of the parties we have had so far. I hope you loved the post and would love for you to comment and share. 

Lots more to come…

Much Love


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