We have recently come back from our summer holiday – where we were lucky enough to celebrate our big man’s 5th birthday. We have always been in the UK when it’s his special day but as he is growing older and we want to travel lots with our kids, we decided to go away for his big day. Obviously, me being the organised and party freak that I am – packed a few things and thought I would share them with you. Just in case you are going away with your little ones – now or in the distant future and celebrating their birthday abroad. 

I warn you – I bring everything!

First off – I used a waterproof bag (which I brought from Primark a long time ago) and filled it with just things to prepare for Khillian’s birthday. 

Now what is inside?

We always have bunting up at home on a special occasion and every time it is someone’s birthday we put up this metallic HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign that was actually my mums. I stole it and use it for every birthday, every year. The floral bunting was from Etsy and I thought it for £5 – its about 4 meters long. 

As you can see I also brought blue tag too. 

Next up is this little surprise. I saw a lovely mummy blogger years ago have a tradition with her kids on their birthday and I loved it so much I decided to do it too. Ill do another blog post about what it is – but I brought it from Etsy at the beginning of the year, planning for my kids to wear it on both their birthdays. The great surprise it that Mamma and Papa will be wearing it too.

It came in a little cream bag so I can carefully package it away and it is meant for travelling too.

I found these battery operate birthday balloon lights in the Poundshop and snapped them up! Of course, you need to add batteries. We put these around his bed when he was sleeping. 

The biggest confetti party popper of all time. It went bloody everywhere and the kids loved it. It came in a pack of 3 from the Poundshop. 

Everyone needs a badge on their birthday. 39p from Card Factory.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing and I always panic when I go abroad that they dont have things like lighters, candles etc. So I brought my own candles and placed them in a stuffed small bag of shoe laces. I bring shoe laces on holiday as I always need to hang something up and never have string. Top Tip!

We also have had these party hats for years. I believe they are from Asda. The bag I bring on every holiday as after I am finished with it I use it to go to the beach, swimming pool etc. 


This is what the room looked like once we decorated it. 

The confetti stick worked a treat and the big man loved popping it…

I asked the restaurant if they can make a cake for Khillian’s birthday cake – which they did with ease. It was delicious!

Stepping in the name of love… As Khillian’s theme this year is Lego I dressed both of them in bold bright colours and even the little man had a birthday bold tshirt on to celebrate his big brother’s birthday. 

You magpies out there probably noticed a shiny gold pen – that is indeed a multi head screwdriver and I bring it with me on every holiday. You never know when you need to open something. A tip from my dad – the Jack of all Trades and yes, I have used it many times!

I also brought streamers – the rainbow tube you can see. We wrapped it around him and placed it around the room too. Its the little things that make memories, not the big ones. We also packed some small toys from us (Mamma and Pap) and a 2 small items from his little brother. Not forgetting 2 cards. If I had time I would have organised a cake. But that is just bordering on crazy!

Hope you loved this blog post and would love a comment or a share. 

Much Love


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