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Yes I know the summer holidays feel like a life time away but as we did so much and went to so many different places – I didnt want to leave any blog posts out. Also, this places are not just for kids, and certainly not just for the summer holidays. Yes, we visited Groombridge Place in Tumbridge Wells at the end of the Summer Holidays. We would go back to this place in a flash. There was so much to see, it was rustic, beautiful and very mystical – right up my sleeve! This amazing place was recommended to be by my sister. It is known for its beautiful wildlife, gardens and amount of stunning peacocks. 

When we arrived it was quite busy but we soon discovered there was so many directions to take. We didn’t feel suffocated, hurdled around or confined. It is a gorgeous space to be in. There is a lake you can take the boat down that leads you to the Enchanted Forest. As it was a gorgeous day we decided to walk. 

We picked apples and ate them, yes you are aloud to do that…

And we brought and ice cream too. There are lots of places to stop and admire the views (and they are amazing), take snaps or just to sit down and have a rest. 

On this day they also had on a Flying Beast Bird Show where lots of animals were seen flying around and shown to everyone. It was amazing and the kids loved the eagles and birds flying everywhere. 

Dont be fooled it is not a farm, therefore there are not animals lying there relaxing and able to be fed. Just a few great friends to say hello too.

Like these folks. I couldn’t believe it when I heard them singing, looked around and saw this. The kids were in their element, especially when they saw the witch and the lion. 

If that didnt make our day we walked on to see a huge wooden climbing course that the kids, of all ages and parents, could play on. It was amazing. It was like something out of Peter Pan, 

It wasnt too high, but some kids were scared – so adults could go on too. It was amazing. Just being there was relaxing. Lots of places for parents to relax, there was also a seating area for eating, a small cafe and an ice cream section. 

Yes there was also an abandoned boat, which you could get into…which we did. There were sections for all kids, For younger children there was a Noah’s Arc style boat, all made from wood, that they could go in and explore. 

There was even a wooden throne!

There is my big man up there!

My little man chilling in the boat. 

Next up in our travels we stumbled across these beautiful Roman Caravans. They were something I have seen before! You couldn’t go inside, there were corned off but there was such an eerie feeling around them. Like someone just abandoned them. I loved looking at them and spent ages thinking who lived there? What was in there? If anything mystical was inside…?

The ceilings had paintings on them. All handmade furniture was inside, all the wood was rotten, the wheels had fallen off, paint was all chipped, holes were everywhere yet I thought they looked absolutely beautiful!

Look at that paint work!

We finished off at – the Teepee Village. This was so quiet and peaceful. Nothing were in the tents but it lets you experience how this village used to live. It was up high too so we really had to climb. It was stunning. 

We finished the day with a long walk back to the car, lots of ice cream and new tails and adventures to remember. Groombridge Place was about 50 mins drive from our house and there is so much to see. Next time we will take the boat ride and there are lots of peacocks walking around so Ill make sure I take pictures of them too. I think this would be a great place for Halloween…

If you are looking for something to do on a sunny day. You have to go!

Much Love


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