Yes, this is the last blog post in regards to what we did on our New York trip. I could not fit it on one blog post. So here goes for the finale… I hope you are not sick of it yet. Like I mentioned previously I wanted to share what we got up to, just in case you were planning on going to this beautiful city. Which I highly recommend that you do!

This was Saturday.

The weather was horrendous. High winds, grey skies, it was raining and freezing and this was the day we were going to the Statue of Liberty. Yes, an island on a boat and it was booked for 1pm. As this was downtown Manhattan we decided to venture out for breakfast and have a walk. In doing so we went and found Harlem. This is how I left in the morning.

Whereever we go on our travels I always buy something as a memory that I can wear. Sunglasses, tshirt, bag and in New York I purchased this hat for $10 and I love it! We took out first taxi ride from the hotel to the port which was near the Twin Towers. So we decided to go to Ground Zero and visit the site.

The minute I stepped out of the taxi I had goosebumps. It was eerie and sad. I looked up and just felt so overcome with emotion that 9/11 had happened in this very spot so many years ago. It felt surreal and very raw. It was quiet and peaceful. Just a beautiful place to visit. The two buildings are not next to each other but diagonally proportioned, like a chessboard. They are huge and now are pools so the water was running down the pool all the way to the bottom. Next to the towers is also a 9/11 Museum, which I wish we went too – the queue was long. Apparently you can go down to the bottom, underground, and still see fire trucks that were left there from 9/11. Engraved on the edges of the pools are all the names of the people who lost their lives in the towers when the tragedy happened.

There are beautiful things all around this area to make it so special.

This big and very weird shaped building is called the Oculus and is right next to the World Trade Centre. It is a very big shopping centre which also acts a hub as it connects the trade centres together and allows you to get onto the underground and move around from one building to another. We got lost and did a lot of walking just to get a drink and use the toilets. We didn’t like it too much in here at all.

We finally found the entrance to where we were getting the boat from for the Statue of Liberty tour (with 30 minutes to spare) we walked it from the Two Towers and that was a mistake as we were already soaked.

The boat took about 20 minutes and was not too shaky. The fact that my husband survived it when he has bad experiences on any form of boats was great! However, the weather got worse and worse. By the time we arrived on Liberty Island we were wet down to our underwear. The wind was just making everything worse.

Like I mentioned this was all pre-booked with my holiday rep which made it so easy to get on the boat and go. The security to get to the Statue of Liberty is fierce and it was just like airport security. We had to take coats, belts off and everything had to go through a scanner. With the rain making everything wet – this was a tiring task. But had to be done!

This was me when we arrived at security (had to take my hat off but my hair went wild)

Even though the weather was bad. We still said we would never forget this day. The statue is beautiful and we went in it and up it. We learnt so much about it. Like the fact its made out of copper (that is why it is green), that the structure was done by Mr Eiffel – yes the man who designed the Eiffel tower – 6 months later! And so much more. A lovely day out and we are so glad we did it.

I still cannot believe how close we were to her. When we were on this floor – the wind was strong and fierce. It actually our hoods off and moved up around the place. I felt like I was flying and I got a fit of giggles as it was unbelievable that this was happening.

My husband was not pleased.

With the weather conditions we had a to get the fastest boat back. Just as we left the sun came out. We also learnt a lot about the other islands. For example, the Staten Island Ferry is completely free for the public and Ellis Island is empty and only has a museum in it. It has an old hospital also, which is abandoned, and is in fact where Florence Nightingale worked. But New York has no money to go into Ellis Island as everything went into fixing and helping the land around the Two Towers.

After this we had to go back to the hotel to dry. We placed all our clothes on radiators as everything was wet. In the evening we went to a local food market that we spotted earlier where there was so much variety of food to choose from.

We decided on taccos – delicious although they were more like wraps. And for coffee – the best we tasted so far from Dough Doughnuts.

The next day, Sunday, the sun came out, thank god as we needed it and we decided this would be the day we brought some gifts and had a stroll down 9th and 10th avenue – like our New Yorker boat man from the Statue of Liberty advised us.

It was nice to get out of the manic traffic lined streets of Times Square. Everything was more relaxed and just so cool up here.

We found a gorgeous spot to eat called Mom’s Kitchen. The inside was modern, fun and pure New York!

The coffee was on tap, the milk and water came in Mason jars and the service was amazing. Not forget the food was out of this world and, of course, I had pancakes!

I highly recommend you come here. It was just a love experience and the food was amazing. Portions were very big and we didnt finish them but my god it was so nice.

This was our next stop. It had to happen as I am a massive Cake Boss fan and watched every episode when I was pregnant with Khillian. It was amazing in here and very busy, but also very commercialised.

You could buy anything and everything from cups to pens, cakes and hoodies and so much more.

Mark chose his favourite, an eclair and I had their infamous Hazelnut and Chocolate Lobster Tail. DELICIOUS!!! We went back to the hotel to chill as we spent A LOT of money on gifts. Well over priced but we could not leave NYC with some small gifts for close family.

It came to the evening and we booked tickets to the Comedy Club – something we love to do at home as we love to have a laugh (who doesn’t). But tonight was Pizza Night.

We tried to find the biggest and sloppiest pizza slices we could just off of 7th avenue and they did not disappoint! Then we had tickets to the 9:15pm Comedy show which was great! Tickets were something like $15 each and lasted an hour with 4 comedians and it was right round the corner from our hotel. So much fun and just something great to do when in New York.

Now this is our last day. Monday.

We had to check out at 12pm but were getting picked up at 6:30pm for our flight home so we had the whole day to do something, we decided to do a bus tour.

It was fun and we tried to haggled them down but they are very strict on prices. There are 4 routes and you can get off of any bus stop you want and then get back on when you are ready. It was so good to be driven around New York and told about all the different areas. We learnt so much by my god it was freezing. We packed all our scarves and gloves away and we were shivering. So make sure you leave them on if you get on the top of the bus.

We went to Little Italy, Chinatown, Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge. Where we stopped and walked to it. It is a large and long bridge but was lovely to see it in person.

New York was an experience we will never forget and we loved every minute of it. After the Brooklyn Bridge we took the bus back to the hotel where we sat, went on Instagram and waited for out taxi ride to the airport.

I hope this blog post has helped you if you are taking a trip to New York and if you have been to any of these places I would love for you to comment. But for now I want to say thank you for everyone who has messaged me about the New York blogs and even the lovely people that have asked for more tips and advise.

Hope you enjoyed! Much Love until next time.

Assuntina X

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