Let’s start by saying Happy New Year.

What a funny old month January is. Some people love it and some absolutely despise it! When I look back over 2019 I have learnt so much and that was exactly what I wished for in the new year. Looking back to this time 12 months ago I was in a totally different head space. I felt trapped in my own body, lost as a woman and hated a lot about my life. The added pressure of social media and everyone around me living their lives the way they were – made everything so much worst and it was only a week or so in that I decided to change everything and really succeed with goals that I had set in November.

It was the best thing I ever did and I wanted to write this blog post to encourage others who feel like crap, they hate they jobs or maybe feel like Motherhood is never ending and getting you down or maybe you are single and sick of it, maybe you are in a relationship that is going nowhere. You can do whatever you wish to do if you just do one simple thing, try!

If you do not try to achieve at least one goal, how can you receive greatness if you are sitting down on your arse all day? Happiness is not served on a platter just after breakfast, money does not grow in your garden, weight it not lost by eating chocolate. If you try your best and go to bed knackered because you know you have tried – everything will change. Here are some top tips to help you out and I thought I would break it down into the past 12 months and what I did to make my year and life better to suit me…

  1. JANUARY… – Look After Yourself.

I was so unhappy here with so many things and a lot of it was down to my confidence being so low, my weight being so high and me feeling like I wasn’t myself. I was not looking after myself at all and the cracks were showing. It all started when I was joking with my brother in law and told him how much I weighed. When he admitted he weight the EXACT same – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. That was the last straw and I knew I had to kick the habit and for good. So we both decided to look after our bodies and get fit. Fitness is not about loosing weight, or getting skinny. It is actually about your body being strong, fit and more importantly healthy. Eating good foods, moving more, relaxing when you can and getting a great amount of sleep. Doing this for even 2 weeks will make you feel so much better in general.

2. FEBRUARY – Learn to Love Yourself

Seems like something you read on a candle or on an Instagram post but this is when I really noticed that if I looked after myself and took some time out for me – I am better for it. Simple! Spending time on me made me feel more relaxed, I was better as a woman, wife and a mother. I finally understood that I needed to look after myself more and just be easy with my body, mind and spirit. I really got into my love of nail art and made that started to become my go to for when I wanted some time for myself or just a little pick me up…

Simple things like days out with the kids to the cinema, getting nails done and reading a book instead of cleaning the car helped me to see that I needed that time for me.

3. MARCH – Go out and have some fun

My confidence was slowly climbing as my weight started to fall off and I started to feel so much better. I was sleeping better, my hormones felt a lot more stable, the exercise was just what I needed when I had to vent and I was getting results. I started to socialise more and noticed what I was really missing. Seeing friends, laughing with family, just being silly and meeting up for no reason but to say hello was lovely. Don’t hide in a hole. If you are feeling down, grey and just under the weather text a friend, meet up for coffee, go for a walk instead of driving, book a manicure together, go and see a movie – it all helps!

4. APRIL – Go on your travels…

Whether it is a weekend away with your partner, a couple of days abroad or on your dream Caribbean cruise. Packing a bag and going away will help. Its an exciting adventure (especially with kids) and at the start of Spring 2019 was when we went to Ireland and it was the best thing we did! Spending time with family, learning new culture, seeing the boys heritage was amazing and they LOVED IT. We stayed somewhere new, did fun things and had such a blast. These moments really helped me mentally and it will do wonders for you too.

5. MAY – Do something spontaneous.

We all have those thought in the back of our heads. A new tattoo, dying your hair a new colour, buying a new car. Well this time last year I decided I wanted to go blonde. I normally ‘save’ these ideas for a holiday, or a get together but once I get an idea in my head I cannot get it out and it made me feel more me. I loved being blonde and still do. It made me happy, bumped my confidence up even more and made me feel more like myself again. Which was great, right before summer.

If you are wanting to do something on the same lines, go for it! What are you waiting for? Do it for you and enjoy every moment especially if it makes you sooooo happy!

6. JUNE – Positive Thinking

I started to get my love of fashion back in this month too and really loved treating myself to new clothes and makeup – which I NEVER did. I spent all the money on the boys and having some for myself really made everything a little better. I started to Pinterest images of amazing outfits to inspire me and to keep me focused. I still do it as I think images like the below are so powerful and can bring such positivity to someone’s dark day.

Some might look at the below and say these women and saying you have to have this, be this size, and do this – its the way YOU look at a picture that shows what kind of person you are. Sitting and being miserable makes no one happy, does nothing for society and brings nothing but darkness to your door. Look at things with light, power, creativity, ambition and see the good in things and you will succeed!

I started to have my photograph taken more as I really enjoyed showing how to dress when you have curves. I felt a lot more comfortable in myself and was starting to feel like me. All because I stuck to my goal and kept going. Thinking positive and seeing the good in everything does help. It just takes a little more time. Which takes me onto…

7. JULY – Do more of what you love.

It could be your job, your hobby, being with your family or just something simple like baking or cycling. If you love it you should do MORE not less of it. In the summer of 2019 I made sure I did just this and I still love doing it. I love fashion and so I decided to spend more time on this love of mine and explore it more. I wrote about it more on the blog, I brought more items of clothing, I dressed better and then I photographed it all and placed it on social chanels to spread word of it. If I am a size 16/18 and love who I am, so can you!

8. AUGUST – Do something for someone else.

I love to give. I always have and its something I have done for years. We had the best summer because my kids celebrated their birthdays and I LOVE planning their parties. Whether it is something small like a family dinner, a huge party or a family get together abroad I love making sure they have a birthday to remember. Doing something for them makes me happy as they are all memories for us to all keep and just makes me feel so good. In August we celebrated Khillian’s 6th Birthday…

…and in 9. SEPTEMBER (we celebrated Lorenzo’s 3rd) – Make sure you celebrate the small things.

Could be something big or something small like reaching a goal, succeeding an exam, getting that job. Celebrating it makes you feel amazing and it something you deserve. You are entitled to celebrate it and you should!

10. OCTOBER – Don’t be scared. Live your life!

A lot of things in life are scary – each of us have something we are scared…and being the month of Halloween you should always keep in mind never to let your demons destroy you.

There was a lot of things on my mind in October starting from the kids and ending with relationships, living culture, money and more. Take every day one step at a time and think about what is scaring you. Life is too short to be frightened. Overcome your fear and live life.

11. NOVEMBER – Plan ahead, get ahead

I wrote a blog post in November about how setting your goals now and starting them in this month takes away SO much pressure. I set myself new goals and began them now so that January would be less stressful and I would enjoy it more, as its my birthday that month also. I suggest you do the same. Its life changing!

12. DECEMBER – Keep going! Don’t ever quit!

Just because Christmas is coming and ALL the food is out, people are spending all their money and everyone is going on trip does not mean you have to do the same. It can be easy to get trapped into doing what everyone else is doing. Concentrate on your goals, what you want for the year ahead. Stick to your new goals as when it comes to January and when everyone is finding it hard you are on step ahead. This really helped me this December and its exactly what I did. My January doesn’t seem so blue at all and neither do I! Be happy, and get ready for a New Year, Better You!

I hope you have loved this blog post as I think its my favourite one I have written to date. I would love for you to leave a comment on the start of your 2020.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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