The one thing I love to do and always make time for is my nails.

My sister is a Beauty Therapist and a Make Up Artist and she is great at doing shellac (Glam Hair and Make Up). I go to her once a fortnight and recently I have tried to be more creative and fun. There are times, especially when my nails are short, when I choose a plain colour – but I prefer unique, bold and something no one else has.

I go on the Pinterest app – see what I fancy and also try to base it around seasons. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc – yes why the hell not! The great thing about Pinterest is it gives you, or highlights PINS it thinks you will like going by what you have searched or saved. If you feel nosey you can have a snoop at my Nail Board and see what I have PINGed – here. I use it daily. So whenever I see a design I like I save it and when I have my next nail appointment I just show my sister the nail board.

Here are some of my favourite nail designs and colours I have had recently….

Christmas nails sorted by using a gold foil sticker. These were amazing and one of my favourite designs.

A muted style but with a quirky touch…these were stickers too…

Starfish details anyone for summer?

Anyone for a classic orange pop…One of my favourite colours.

I made my sister buy this colour as I saw so many designs with yellow and we couldn’t do any of them. Bold, bright and pure fun!

Yep – my Valentine nails. So so so happy with this set, and to finish the blog off this week’s nails…

Polkadot pastel fun…did not take long at all and long lasting. Why not try a new design when you have your nails done?

Much Love

Assuntina X

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