As I always have people commenting on my nails I thought I would do a quick blog about the nail designs I have recently done and the inspiration behind them as well as who does my nails and how often.

My amazing sister Carmelina GLAM HAIR & MAKE UP does my nails for me using shellac – for me (and I use my hands a lot with the kids, getting in and out of the house, car seats, shopping, peeling stickers etc) my nails last 2 weeks with no chipping. I also make sure before bed – every night – I put on cuticle oil. I really do see a difference and my nails are stronger and have grown nice and long due to my cuticles being looked after. My sister says just like lip balm, put it on before bed, massage it in and make sure it is done every night. Every two weeks my lovely sister redoes my nails.

I have a Pinterest board where I save all the designs that I like and I add to it daily. When I know my appointment is coming up I browse through and pick what I want. You can view my board here. I thought I would show you the inspirational shots and then the finished nails as so many people ask me about where the inspiration comes from. It could be an event – for example – Khillian’s birthday I wanted something pretty, summery yet within the picnic theme, sometimes I want something nude based and sometimes I want a pop of colour. With my nails we have learnt that 3D shapes, foil and glitter designs do not work so well, we we stay clear of them. In the summer I wore as much colour as possible. For Lorenzo’s birthday I want something dark and fun – he is having a superhero party and for Halloween I will try orange nails with a spider pattern. But for now here are some past designs and the inspirational picture from Pinterest.

With these nails I saw this image and asked my sister to copy the colours exactly as they are. She did and I was really happy with the results. The nails lasted a long time and this was done back in the Spring so it was a great injection of pop colour.

Who doesn’t love pretty flowers on the nails? My sister is really good and intricate detail and these nails were done so well. She added little bits of yellow as well as gold as I love the colour yellow on nails and we recently brought a new bottle of yellow so I thought we should use it.

Before going away to Ireland I asked for something really quirky and fun and something that showed off my personality. I saw this picture and really liked the design. When choosing designs you have to think about the length of your nail and if the style will make your nails appear longer or shorter. This designs was sooooo cute and is still one of my favourites.

Originally the inspiration behind this design did have foil in it and this is when we discovered foil was not good for me. It doesn’t last so I saw this image and asked for the silver foil nails to be replaces with grey and it really did look nicer. I had these nails for my little cousin’s Holy Communion.

These nails, by far, took the longest.

We even had to google the design a couple of time to make sure we were doing it right. It was tricky but the end results are just so cool. This design was the one I got the most compliments on and people could not believe it was done with shellac.

We brought these stick on nail stones from Ebay for like £4 and they are really easy to use and over the top pretty but after 1 week they all started falling off and left my nails latching onto all different fabrics like my jumpers and coats. Not fun but I chose them for my friend’s wedding and I do love them. They are just not practical.

Summer started to loom and appear so we went straight in with the pastel shades. I always thought it would make me look like I had tipex on my hands but I adored these shades and I really enjoyed mixing the colours so they were on different nails and didn’t look too symmetrical.

Who doesn’t love girly space style nails? These nails are so girly and pretty and they are perfect for summer as they can go with any outfit. I loved the results and these nails lasted a really long time due to having so many layers of colour on my nail.

The next event I had lined up was Khillian’s 6th birthday and to go with the theme I wanted picnic style nails, but not gingham.

I spotted these adorable bee nails and really liked the orange shades so asked if this could be done without the flower nails. I wanted to stay a little muted on this one. The bee was called Bertie and the kids loved this design.

After a few dramatic weeks I wanted to go back to one colour and saw this image on Pinterest. We recently brought a dark green shades so I asked just to put this one on. As the colour is so different I thought it would not look so boring and I was right. It also really does highlight olive skin and makes it look healthy and more tanned, which is a bonus. A great introduction into Autumn too.

I love anything with moons and stars on it – I felt like a muted nail so asked for something on the lines of this style. I said to my sister to freestyle and just go with the flow. She added in some black lines – for fun – and moved the moons around so they looked a little different. She finished off by adding some metallic gold spot stickers here and there and voila this are my most recently nails.

I hope you love the blog post I just thought I would show you some inspiration behind the designs and hope to inspire you to maybe go outside of your comfort zone with your nail colours.

Have fun, much love.

Assuntina X

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