As the season has dramatically changed – and by that I mean it has finally stopped raining and the sun (and heat) have some to say hello. I have noticed my skin has changed too. I have combination skin, and always have done since I was a teenager. I get a very oily t-zone but my cheeks are fine and sometimes my cheeks get very dry. Its like you cannot win.

As the days are getting hotter I have noticed my make up has been, literally, melting off my face. I have tried lots of products (all highly recommended) by my sister who is the best make up artist and beauty queen I know – Glam Hair and Make Up.

She helped me find a good foundation that was a great colour match and also helped me get a good routine. That is all you need a really good routine and you have to do it every night and every morning. When you do, you will get the results you are looking for. It could be clearing up adult acne, sorting out dryness, a troubled oily t-zone, maybe you want help to look more glowy. Whatever it is, I highly recommend asking my sister or if you want just walk into your local Boots / Superdrug and see what options you have. I thought I would share with you what has helped me.

When I take my make up off at night I always use Garnier Micellar water. It is gentle, pure and does not itch, burn – its a lovely make up remover that takes everything off. I stopped using wipes about 2 years ago and have not looked back since. I use the big Asda cotton pads (not the normal small ones) trust me they are a life saver, they are much bigger in size and do not flip or flop when you use them so you use less pads. Great tip!

When I told my sister about my face feeling so oily she told me I need to cleanse and tone more. More…? Up to 2 years ago all I did was use a wipe to remove everything. She told me to wipe everything off with Micellar water and then to use a Glycolic Acid Liquid or pad. I don’t have to use it all over my face just where the oil is. It is light and basically gets all the grime and crap off of the sections you have trouble with. Mine being my t-zone. A lot of people get the liquid acid from Pixi but she recommend I look at Superdrug’s own brand and the pads are just as good. And you know what – she was right. Aldi also did their own recently which apparently is very good. I use this straight after the Micellar water.

Then she told me about toning.

Every one should be using a toner, why have I never used one? She has always used one (and she has) – I just don’t want to put so much on my face and clog it up. Toning is the most important part – it is what lines your skin and stops your pores getting blocked by pollution, dirt from the air and wind. I only noticed when I started to tone in the morning after I washed my face and saw how grey the pad was. It really does wipe away all the dirt. I use the Garnier Pure Active Toner as its great for oily skin. Its the best money I have spent. I use it after the acid pads.

The last thing I do at night is moisturise. After toning your face you do feel it to be a little dry and I am really fussy with moisturisers as I do not want anything too harsh on my skin, heavy or greasy due to my skin type. My sister and I have always loved Simple so I knew this moisturiser was perfect for me. It is so gentle on my skin and I put it all over, including my eye lids and neck. No burning, nothing. Its is lovely and in the summer I place it in the fridge (especially when I am on holiday) as the effects are amazing and stops any puffiness you have from sleepless nights and keeps you cool!

So that is the night routine. 4 products and once a week I will do a face mask after I have toned.

In the morning…I wash my face and then use the toner.

Primer. In fact I have never used one and heard that it was just a con so you can spend more of your money on beauty products you do not actually need. However, my sister told me that you need a good base and it needs to be something that your skin likes and the primer is what holds onto your make up all day long. Nothing too harsh but gentle and still works.

She told me Nivea for Men Sensitive Moisturiser is the best thing and acts as an amazing primer. It is not greasy and when you put it on you rub and rub all over your face and neck till it is sticky. When you are finished you then start applying your foundation. You will feel that the foundation is sticking to your face, nicely. Ladies – it works! Try it. I have seen a difference since I have been using it and my make up is not sliding down my face. After the Primer I start applying my make up.

I have tried a good few foundations. Some were recommended to me by ladies who work on beauty counters, others by my sister but the one I always go back to is this one from Rimmel. It is long lasting, full coverage, does not make my face feel like I have lots of make up on (which I dislike) – it is just amazing. The coverage is perfection and really does last. It is around £8 – in fact one of the cheapest. But it is soooooo good and even Zoella recommends it.

Lastly, after I have done all my make up for the day – if I am going out with a full face or just doing the school run with foundation and some concealer I still put this on – Oil Control Fixing Spray from Revolution. Its £6 and worth its weight in gold. Great for oily skin. You just spritz on your face when you are done and it helps to leave all your make up in place.


Now I know the products seem a lot – it does to me and this is the most I have EVER used but I have seen the results in a matter of weeks and the products are long lasting as I don’t wear a lot of make up. The older you get the more you also do want to look after your skin. I also recommend drinking at least 2 letres of water a day and eating a balanced healthy diet.

I have not linked any products as I simply picked them all up from Superdrug. Hope you loved this blog post and you found it useful? Please do share and please do leave a comment on the products you use. I would love to know. Happy shopping.
Much Love

Assuntina X


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