This week we were kindly gifted a day out the cinema to watch the new Paw Patrol movie – Mighty Pups. A very lovely gift indeed as my boys are fans of the pups but both absolutely love the atmosphere of going to the cinema.

The movie actually is in cinemas on Friday 17th May but we got to see it early – which was very kind. When we go to the cinema we always attend the Bluewater de Luxe as it is only 10 minutes away – therefore very convenient and also its in the biggest shopping centre in Kent. You can go shopping, or for a meal and the cinema all in one day. Its great and the kids movies do not disappoint at all. There are 21 Showcase Cinemas in the UK and I am lucky to have one round the corner from me. You can check out all information about the cinema here.

I was only able to bring Lorenzo as Khillian had other commitments – but it was lovely for us to enjoy the experience just me and him as normally we go as a family.

After a few poses while we waited for the doors to open – my little man and me got our wrist bands and went inside to meet some special people.

While he loved meeting Marshall and Rubble a little later he also saw Skye and Chase. It was a lovely touch. After we met the characters we were brought into the lounge where it was decorated with lots of helium balloons and colouring activities with cute buckets of crayons. Lorenzo and all the other kids absolutely loved it!

After 30 minutes of colouring in and jumping around we went to get popcorn and treats. Walking into the screen was very different as we watched the movie in the XPlus Suite. All seats are super comfortable, recline and it feels like you are watching the movie in the comfort of your home. One of the best things that I loved is that throughout the whole screen the children could see the movie from all angles as there is nothing blocking their view as the screen took up the whole wall. It was amazing. There was no need for booster seats or having the kids on your lap. It is very cleverly done.

Would I go again? Hell yes

Is it great for kids? Definitely

Are the seats so comfty that you could fall asleep? I warn you, yes.

How long is the movie? 60 minutes and the kids will love it.

I hope you love the blog post and please do see the movie if your kids are Paw Patrol obsessed, they will love it.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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