Every year when we organise for the boys to meet the big man, Father Christmas, I always like to go somewhere new. Somewhere we have not been before. We have been to garden centres, shopping centers, special castles and lots more but this year we chose a farm. We went to Hop Farm in Kent – near Tumbridge Wells.

It took 50 minutes to get there from my house and a little less time on the way home – so was not so bad. We have never been there before so I was expecting animals and food markets and maybe a fair.

Every year we take a Christmas picture in our Christmas jumpers. This is our 2019 picture. It will go on the wall. Anyway back to the Farm…

Well when we arrived – we saw that it was very big and the farm was decorated really well with Christmas decor, large Father Christmas’ and snowmen etc – but it was very empty. About 3 rides, a small soft play with a canteen and a large playground – but no animals. Not sure if we had to branch out more, or if they were inside because it was cold – or maybe we just went straight to the Grotto and completely missed them. I am not too sure.

There was a lot of photo opportunities so it was safe to say we made a lot of great memories – which is the whole reason we go to see Father Christmas.

I thought the Grotto was lovely. It was quick and easy to get in – we booked online and paid £8 each for them to see Father Christmas as well as getting a gift and a picture. We got there bang on time (I am always early but traffic wasn’t great) and got seen to right away. When we walked into the Grotto (picture on the right) Khillian gasped ‘wow’. It was so lovely and I thought very traditional.

We were greeted by 2 elves and Mrs Claus – which was lovely. There were tables everywhere where you could sit down and colour in, do an activity pack (which was given to you at the entrance) or just write your letter Father Christmas…

Then the kids got a story from Mrs Claus but they only listened to a few pages as they were called to see the big man. They were told to come back after their visit as she will read books all day long for the kids. Which I thought was nice. Behind Mrs Claus was 4/5 benches lined up in front of a TV and on the screen was the film Elf which I thought was a nice touch. A great idea for older kids who are maybe waiting around for the rest of the family.

We were not aloud to take pictures inside the room with Father Christmas, as we had a professional photo done, so I thought I would show you the BEAUTIFUL decor that was in the Grotto.

And instead I will show you these gorgeous pictures of the boys with a Father Christmas…

What was a great section of the farm was the playground area. So big, so unique and just lots of space for lots of kids to run around and have fun!

There is a lot of play area for kids of all ages to play on and we spent a lot of the time here….

After the playground – the kids went to the soft play and then we went home. The farm is lovely and I think it would be better in the summer – it was very quiet but some people might like that. The main thing is that the boys got to see Father Christmas and we all had an amazing day.

Hope you loved this blog post. There is another Christmas one to come very soon. So stay tuned.

Much Love.

Assuntina X

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