Hever Castle is a beautiful destination. 

We discovered it a few years back when we visited with friends and have been back a few times since. It is truly stunning and a great destination to visit – especially when you take children, and in particular at this time of year. 

We have been to Hever Castle in the summer and it is stunning – near a lake with views that leave you breathless, it is very calming and also very romantic. They have a lot of weddings there, and I can see why. With a gorgeous waterfall feature, immaculate gardens and perfect location – it is one of my favourite places to go to in Kent. 

Yesterday we decided to go again but this time we went for Father Christmas. We went to the Grotto and to see the Ebenezer Scrooge trail. It was amazing. At times through the trail all the gardens were covered in fake snow – it looked like Narnia. The kids loved it and it was walking distance that even the little man could do and not complain. With wax figures, real people and amazing scenery it was something the kids and us will always remember. 

A lot of the grounds were covered with fake snow, along with all the Christmas tress and the kids were going crazy for them. It was a lovely sight. 

While we waited for our time with Father Christmas we took the kids around the grounds to see the Scrooge Trail – it explained the whole tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and why he hated Christmas. It was so much fun and you really got to see the beauty of the grounds as well as enjoying the tale. The kids loved it, and were not scared by all the ghosts. There was so much detail and some characters were people acting. Which was lovely to see. 

The details that they put on was beautiful! 

I mean look at this sign in the walk way…So stunning and all linked to the story. 


I highly recommend if you have a weekend off and want to do something with the kids you go there. You can also see inside the castle and it is remarkable. The kids love it here. Just be warned – wear wellies!I thought the kids would find this eerie – – – but they were so keen to know more. Its a great way to introduce them to Christmas and how to value family and love and not get stuck on presents. 

There favourite part, was of course, meeting Scrooge as he was indeed a changed man and was giving away all his money. What child doesn’t like chocolate coins?

This place really is lovely – once we were finished with the trail we walked the grounds where they had animals waddling around and a lovely fair.  

And then these rascals went to see Father Christmas…

Once in the Grotto there were small tables where families can wait. They laid out colouring pens and paper along with building blocks for the really little ones. It was so nice as this year we didn’t want to do anything with arts and crafts, which we did last year at Ruxley Manor.  

The whole team in the Grotto were lovely and really made the experience worth while. Hever Castle’s Grotto is the most expensive Grotto we have been to over the years (every year we go to a different one) – but it was an experience we will all remember. You can have as much time with Father Christmas as you want. It is very personal, he is so warm and magical and made the kids very comfortable. 

His ‘home’ was decorated like an actual festive, warm home that he would live in and he even had a catelogue of toys, which he showed the kids when they told him what they wanted. Very realistic and very special. 

All in all I recommend you visit Hever Castle

It is an all round beautiful place – Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer just walking the grounds is relaxing and so much fun. Lots to see – but if you can make it at Christmas time, it is even more magical. 

Hope you love it as much as we do. 

Until next time. 

Assuntina X

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