Recently I have seen been feeling like my skin has been quite dull and bland – maybe due to the weather and change of season but I have also spotted how naturally nice people are looking without make up. I love days where I do not wear make up as I feel that my skin can breathe and I feel a lot more relaxed, but how nice would it be if your skin looked amazing without make up and maybe even your eyebrows and eyelashes?

Well I am not one to wear fake eye lashes – I have never done so I feel like they are such a faff so my sister said I should have LVL lash treatment and our good friend Helena – Immaculate Beauty does them in her salon space. She is based in Bexleyheat, very local to me, and showcases all her amazing work on her Facebook and Instagram so do check her out to see what she does. She specialises in HD Brows, LVL as well as Bio Sculpture Gel manicures and pedicures and she also teaches how to do the process too for HD Brows, which is only becoming more and more popular over time. Plus she is so nice and warm and will be honest with you. Its a lovely experience and I promise you, you will always go back for more.

I decided to have the LVL lash treatment as I wanted my lashes to pop more. Ever since I have been experimenting more with eye make up a lot of people have said I have a nice shape to my eyes I just don’t do much with them. As a mum of 2 I just don’t have the time and opt for the simple solution – now with the LVL treatment my eyelashes have been tinted and curled up so they always look long and defined. Once I put mascara on I think my eyes will look bigger and bolder. Which is exactly what I wanted.

Helena’s room is trendy, chic and very comforting. You can sit and relax and really talk about what beauty treats you are looking for. She has big plans for the future, so make sure you get in touch with her for all your beauty queries and bookings. She is very busy and is now booked up to Christmas. I thought you might like to see her price list…

Now back to the LVL. It is very popular and I LOVED just sitting there and yapping on to be honest. It normally takes 45 minutes, but one of my naughty lashes didn’t want to lift so I stayed there for just under and hour. I layed down with my eyes shut. No pain at all and Helena went though the process of what she was doing and how long for. It was so nice. I highly recommend and the results…? See for yourself.

I mean look at the difference. I am not allowed to wet my lashes for 24 hours but after that you can cleanse, tone your face etc and my lashes will look like this for 6 weeks. And yes, she wanted to get her hands on my eyebrows.

And here she is….

It was a lovely morning well spent and I am already looking at my Christmas diary to book her in. Thank you Helena! It is so worth treating yourself to these little things as its these little things that make us feel so good. Ladies we all need a treat once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please do leave a comment and let me know what treatments you like to have done.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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