My little man turned 3 this weekend.

Three. He is just amazing and so big yet he is my youngest and just so bold and bright as well as kind and caring. He is obsessed with superheros. Everything from boys to girl superheros and all the villains in between so we decided to throw him a party at home. It was small and as the weather was bad we stayed in but still managed to do a BBQ outside.

I thought I would show you the little bits and bobs I did to the house to make this party one we would all forget and it was on a budget as his birthday is only 6 weeks after his brother’s.

We put up another table in the dinning room and kept the decorations very simple with clean white table cloths, paper plates and cups as well as pint plastic cups all from Poundland, which I brought when I planning Khillian’s birthday. Everything left over from Khillian’s party we used like plastic cutlery and party poppers too. If there was no need to spend money, we didn’t want to.

One of my favourite things to do is to decorate the tables and room. We collected ALL the superhero toys from our houses and placed them on the table as decorations and I was surprised to see that no one touched them. But if you wanted to do something similar you could always look into charity shops they have amazing toys for kids and soooooooo cheap! ]

BIG TIP: When you are organising a party at home try to use all plastic cutlery and plates etc. Things will brake and you get frustrated – especially for a kids party plastic and paper all the way and then recycle them.

We placed paper straws, plastic wine glasses and yellow carnations on the table for extra colour popping and fun detail. Carnations are my favourite flowers and Lorenzo’s favourite colour is yellow.

We had enough seats due to the black stalls we always whip out when we have parties. There was plenty of space to go around and the kids played in the living room. The blue banner I brought for Khillian’s party and the colourful banner which went with the superhero theme I purchased from Amazon and was placed near the cake table.

As the theme was Superheros – everyone had to come dressed up and everyone did (which I was very thankful for). I love a photobooth so ordered this amazing backdrop from Amazon for £14 and when we do up Lorenzo’s room in a few years time I plan to put this up on his wall. Everyone stood in front of it and we took lots of pictures, which I love as I think the memories will be amazing for the kids to look back on. So here are a couple of my favourites…

Before you ask – I went as Robin and Mark was Batman.

Just in case some people did not want to dress up I also brought some Marvel party hats and fun Superhero glasses (mainly for the photobooth) but they were all from Amazon and the kids loved them.

There was a Superhero music playlist (thank you Spotify) lots of fun helium balloons – I always buy a number balloon and this time I also brought a Spiderman one and a small Happy Birthday one for the table.

In regards to the cake I wanted something cute yet basic as I wanted to place some cake toppers on top (I tend to do this so I can keep the toppers for memories). The cake was red velvet as I wanted something bold and bright to match the theme. The cake toppers were from Etsy and the red number was from Ebay.

Here are some fun snaps I thought you would like to see…

And to add a finishing touch the kids went home with a little goody bag. I used everything that was left over from Khillian’s party – you can see the blog post here, but then I also added some colour in yourself masks from Poundland that I brought back when packing for Cornwall and for their sweet treat I found these rainbow shortbread make it yourself cookies in a bottle from Poundland. All you have to do is add in milk.

I hope you have liked reading this blog post.

It was more of a quiet affair as Lorenzo is only 3 but I wanted to show you the little things you can do to plan a party that is fun, affordable and your kids will cherish forever.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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