Right in the middle of lockdown we decided it was time to change up Lorenzo’s bedroom. He still had his bedroom from when he was a baby. So we had a lot of cuddly toys, baby books, baby toys and lots of space we were not using to its full potential. On top of all that Lorenzo was still sleeping in his cot bed. This is for many reasons…

  1. He is the most stubborn of my kids. He didn’t sleep for 2 years straight just because we wanted him to go to sleep. He sleeps better now because he is so active and pre-school and routine has massively helped. Lockdown on the other hand has not. That is another story.
  2. He is really quite diddy compared to Khillian. Khillian is taller than his years and has long limbs whereas Lorenzo is much smaller and still had a lot of room in his cot bed.
  3. I didn’t trust my son with the bars down. When I was working for a children’s brand doing their PR long ago – I met a journalist whose little girl was 2 and she said to me ‘The best advice I can give to you for changing your kid’s bed is this – leave those bars up for as long as you can!’ That advice stuck with me and I did this with both my kids and the transition from cot bed to big boy bed was so much easier as I waited till they were older. They just understood more.

So I thought I would show you what we did to take Lorenzo’s room from baby boy – to very big man…

The before…

Lorenzo’s room is the smallest in the house – but we can fit quite a few things in there if we lay it out right. The cot bed is 7 years old and was Khillian’s till he was 3. I brought it for £100 on Ebay and when Khillian had it it was cream. I knew when we brought our new house I wanted to change it so I painted (whilst 8 months pregnant).

The shelf on the wall was the annoying part – Khillian had the same one on the wall in his room, before I did his room up, but I felt that I could not use this storage it to its full potential and planned to add in bigger shelves. It was also super annoying to have all the electricals there as their wires hung loose, but due to him being so small I had no option. So we decided to make some changes.


We painted this room mint green when we moved in but I love wallpaper, something my husband hates about me I am sure. I decided I wanted to wallpaper 2 walls with this adorable mountain wallpaper. I chose it from Wilkos but half way through we ran out and as it was an online exclusive I had to wait weeks to get more. So I googled the brand and code and found it on another wallpaper site for cheaper!! – World of Wallpaper. So I ordered it from there. As I brought a lot of rolls I didn’t have to pay for postage and packaging and it was also sent to me within 3 working days. Better than Wilkos when I had to wait up to 10 days. Big tip!!!

  • Make sure you always take note of the batch number as wallpapers have to all come from the same batch to all match up.
  • Always look around to see if you can get the same wallpaper somewhere else for cheaper.
  • Use lots of glue and add glue to the wall not just the paper.
  • You can wallpaper around radiators. It is tricky but doable – this was all my husband to be fair.
  • You need so many tools so get the ready beforehand.
  • Have a helping hand I tried to do it on my own and it was NOT possible.

We wallpapered the day before the kids had their first lockdown hair cuts. So this picture will always be one I will remember!


I was so happy with the results. It made the room look bigger and taller due to the mountain designs and Lorenzo loved it. He loved being treated to a little surprise and I noticed after he was so ready for the transition. We finally took the bars off the bed and made it into a big boys bed (which is really so low and small) but he loves getting into bed on his own, climbing on it and just being big like his brother.

As yo can see Lorenzo has a lot of company in his bed and I was worried about him not having somewhere for his juice, as well as him falling out. So I went on Facebook Marketplace in search of a side bar for his bed. They were so expensive full price. I found this local to me for £15 and offered the seller £10 if I went and picked it up the next day. Which I did and then painted it the same colour as the bed. He loves it! When he is older and used to the bed, I’ll simply take it off and put it in storage.

We didn’t want to change anything too much or move anything around as we were happy with the layout and didn’t want to confuse him too much. So the chest of drawers stayed the same (they were Khillian’s too, I also painted them when we moved into this house – so they are also 7 years old. I like to keep sentimental things like this.) However, I moved his grow clock and camera to here so no wires would hang and as he is older he knows not to touch them.

The biggest change was this wall. I took off the iddy-biddy small shelves and brought the biggest ones I could find from Ebay. They came in different sizes and colours so I brought the 90cm long so they could reach nearly across the whole wall when all 3 were placed together and in white to mix well with the wallpaper. Although, I was tempted to get the grey!

On this wall I decided to put all the memories and fun things the kids have made over the years and when they are older they can put other sentimental things on there. We also store his reading books up here, which was an issue as we had so much. We keep our books on the shelves and the library book in our raccoon book holder, which I got a few years ago from Aldi. The only one I could find was from John Lewis here. The hot air balloon decorative design I brought from Etsy when I found out we were having a boy. I love it and will keep it forever! Khillian has planes in his room and it is just that little reminder that they used to be babies.

I still kept his fairy lights, which he keeps on at night time as they give a lovely glow I brought them from Not on the High Street years ago but I love them because they leave a lovely shadow on the walls. I brought them in the sale but they still have them here. Yes, I kept them in place with washi tape which I used in both kid’s room. Fun and just cute and cheap from Ebay.

Other little touches (which I think make the room and the little man absolutely loves –

As you may, or may not know – Lorenzo LOVES rainbows so I had to add in a neon rainbow light to make him happy and just something that he can turn on if and when he wants to. It is battery operated but it can also be plugged into a plug socket and into a mains too. The reason I brought this one was it was so affordable but it also had two holes at the top so it could be hung – which is exactly what I wanted! It was only £8 and you can still buy it.

The signs I brought from Primark 4 years ago when I was pregnant and I still love them.

I brought these shelves for Khillian’s room last year and knew I wanted more for Lorenzo’s – they are long and very sturdy and I placed them on the side of the wardrobe to use up that space. He puts on there his favourite toys so he knows when he wakes up where they are (or if he wakes up early he will read his book or play for a bit) till it is time to yell for me. I brought them from Ebay in a set of 2 and they come in lots of colours. The ones I wanted have the section at the edge so the toys don’t fall off but you can now buy so many. I attached them with Command hooks which are unreal! You can get all different once from Amazon. Lastly, the hanging decorations I brought both from Etsy when I was pregnant with Lorenzo. I love them to this day and will pass them down to my kids when they have their kids.

Hope you liked this blog post and if you have any queries please do leave a comment…

Much Love

Assuntina X

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