If you follow me on Instagram (@assuntinafogarty) you will know what a massive fan of the Podcast I am. Everyone and anyone can listen to a podcast. I find it really relaxing, it takes my mind off of what I am finding stressful and it lets me stay interactive with what is going in life and culture. I normally listen to it when I am driving. 


There are a few Podcasts I listen to, religiously, every week and I thought I would share them with you. For those of you who don’t know what a Podcast is – – – – it is an app on your phone that everyone has. Its purple and looks like a microphone (top row, second in). All you do is search the Podcast name, subscribe and every week you get notified about a new Podcast episode and you listen to it. I believe they do take up your data (just like Spotify) but there is a Podcast for everything. Motherhood, Fashion, Beauty, Interiors and Homes, Celebrity Gossip, Careers, magazines and radio shows have them. You would be surprised your favourite footballer probably has his own show. 

Here are the Podcasts I listen to daily and I think you will love…So here you go. 

Let’s Discuss

This Podcast was actually the first one I listened to. It is a breath of fresh air. Two friends Monica Welburn and Ella Gregory – who are also lifestyle and fashion bloggers come together every week to discuss everything from relationships to birth control, careers, life choices in your 20s, friendship circles, buying your first home and so much more. It caters to my age group and Ella Gregory (Coco’s Tea Party) is a blog I have been reading for absolutely years. She was one of the first bloggers I ever knew. The Podcast is great for easy listening and will have you thinking about the layout of your home and your job status straight away. A great one for you girls and before you know it the 45 minutes are up. They recently did a Sex and the City Podcast. I listened to it twice. 

At Home With

This Podcast is one with a difference. These two amazing friends and bloggers are so well spoken, are so chic and just such nice people. Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are too cool. They waited over a year to bring you season 2 of this Podcast, but My God it was worth it. They go into people’s homes and by people I mean amazing people from well knownindustries – publishing, fashion, beauty, skincare, authors,

designers, influencers –  the list goes on. You get to hear detailed descriptions about their bathrooms, dining rooms, basements – what furniture they have , why they picked it, whats in their bathrooms, what lighting they have in their corridors and if you subscribe on Acast you get to see images too. Its amazing – and the people they interview is just pure gold. Jo Elvin ( ex-Glamour Editor and now Editor of You, Erica Davies (journalist, mum and a greatest human ever on instagram), Tanya Burr (Youtube sensation and make up guru), Thea Green (founder of Nails Inc – this is probably one of my favs). It has introduced me to new people on social media, opened my eyes about business, career life and even interiors. A great podcast indeed. 

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

I first heard about this Podcast from instagram – It was Mental Health Awareness Week a few months back and this amazing lady popped up on my Instagram news feed. She is an such an inspiration, and a great journalist who realised that she had mental issues, addiction problems, and over all really bad self esteem. She has been through dark times and has come out on the other side. He story was an eye opener for me but what got me hooked was when I listened to her interviewing lots of different people – famous and normal people like you and me all about Mental Health. It was astonishing to hear all these tales.

The first Podcast episode I listened to, which grabbed my attention, was when she interviewed Prince Harry. It was the most enticing thing I have heard – the Prince of the UK talking about how he felt after the death of his mother, how he coped, how his brother coped and how he is copying, mentally now. This is a Podcast you cannot miss out on. 



Happy Mum, Happy Baby

If you have not heard about this Podcast, where have you been? Giovanna Fletcher (author and wife to Tom Fletcher – the guitarist and lead singer of McFly) wrote a book last year called Happy Mum, Happy Baby and then produced this Podcast from it. She Interviewed her friends and well known celebrity mums likes Fearne Cotton, Rochelle Humes, Emma Willis, Elle Wright, Kimberley Walsh. She is both hilarious and honest and it really is a great Podcast for any mummies or mummies to be – a brilliant insight into the world of motherhood with lots of tips and ideas to help on the way. 

There have been episodes I have laughed so hard at and others I cried at so much that I had to pull the car over to sort myself out. This would be the one with Elle Wright, the mother of Teddy Wright who sadly died 3 days after being born. You can find out more about their story over on her blog Feathering the Empty Nest – Elle is an amazing woman and has recently written a book all about Teddy and how to help others deal with loss of a child. That episode was an emotional one but making mothers aware of what happen and can happen when growing a baby was a great thing to do by Giovanna. 

Letters From A Hopeful Creative

This is a fairly new Podcast for me. It was recommened from another Podcast show and I thought why not give it a go as it works well with my Freelance work and career. I love listening to Podcasts about careers as I find it very inspirational and they always give me great ideas and content for my social media platforms. 

This Podcast is a weekly one and every week the duo – Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington answer a letter from a hopeful creative who is looking for some guidance, support, and encouragement in their journey. They share they views and sometimes get very deep in the debate too. They are great at guiding their audience and offering lots of tips too. Each episode is like a mini coaching session and pep talk all rolled into one. So far, so good and I am hooked. 

Not Another Mummy Podcast

There is sooooooo much to say about this Podcaster – Alison Perry is an amazing blogger and her Podcasts are hilarious and have taught me a hell of lot about parenting dos and donts.


She has interviewed so many other mummy bloggers and influencers and its great to see how different all these mums are. Its an inspiration and it really it interesting and teaches you that you cannot be jealous, angry, or even judgy to any mothers as we are all different. She talks about infertility, going back to work after having kids, body confidence, baby loss, twins (as she is expecting twin girls) and so much more. 

Sheer Luxe

OH WOW! This Podcast is dangerous. It comes from the journalists from SheerLuxe.com –  They talk about everything and anything and sometimes it seems too random but suddenly I cannot stop listening. I have listened to 5 back to back at one point! The panel varies with beauty bloggers, entrepreneurs, founders of companies, mum bloggers and more. I have followed so many people on social media just from them appearing on this Podcast. The Editor, Georgie Coleridge Cole, seems to be superwoman. I want her to be my wife and my mum! Plus she looks a million bucks. They discuss everything from teeth whitening to how many people you should have at a dinner party, BBQs and if you really need to by that bag from Zara that everyone is buying. 

Its not too luxe, just enough jazz, comfort and humour to make everyone keen. I received a lot of Netflix and BBC suggestions when listening to this Podcast. Its true. I got hooked on Doctor Foster and The Crown all because of this Podcast!

And lastly…

The Fringe Of It

Another duo (what can I say women rock and I love listening to women who work together and support each other) – this Podcast is very warm, down to earth and so funny. Just 2 women – Charlotte Franklin and

Liv Purvis – two quirky women who both have fringes! Now I used to have a fringe and miss it terribly so I understand where they are coming from! Charlotte founder of Betty Magazine is so funny and I get a lot of inspiration from her – she is stuck in the 70s and I love her love of floral dresses and sofas, nail art, work chat over on Instagram and both their love of gigs, Love Island and all things fringe related. 

If you are looking for ideas on workshops, places to buy cool clothes that are wrinkle free, beautiful locations to travel to in the UK, crafts and more. This is the Podcast for you. 

Also – a lot and I mean a lot of TV talk. Pure girl heaven right here!


There are a few more Podcasts I have listened to but some I cannot get into the swing of and maybe I listen to a few episodes a month. But I suggest you check out the Podcast app and start subscribing. There really is a Podcast for everything – football, motor sports, crafts, parenting, child loss, money making ideas. So many. 

Have fun and you are most welcome!



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