As you may know if you follow me – every year my kids have a themed party. As a creative I just love dressing up, celebrating parties and something I love more than anything is a theme! For Lorenzo’s 2nd Birthday we decided on a farm theme. This kid loves animals, has known every animal sound since he was 1 and you have to remember it is really hard when they are 2 to do something that is cost effective, memorable and fun for the whole family. A few days before his birthday I went to my local balloon shop (where I get all my helium balloons as they have so many) and asked for anything farm inspired. I love big balloons but sometimes they can be so over priced. We got all of these for £18 + a barn and a cow so 4 of them – blown up and ready to go with ribbons and balloon weights. 


We know both the kids will love the farm so we decided to take them back to Godstone Farm for the day – as it is relatively small and we love it there. As Lorenzo is 2 there are certain things I knew I wanted to spend money on and certain things I didn’t want too. He didn’t need anything personalised, he didn’t need a fancy outfit, but one area I always cover is the cake! This year his cake had to be a naked one. My new baker did me proud. I knew I wanted something simple, really organic, neutral and something that ticked off the farm theme perfectly. I also knew I wanted to make the topper (which I did the night before). 

I wanted to make sure I did some DIY with the cake as it cost less money and is a great memory for the little man. We keep all cake toppers etc and place them in the kids memory boxes. Its something we have done since Khillian was little. All the animals from the top of the cake I brought from Smyths in the sale – cost me £5 for a the big box load and I made the wooden bunting myself with twigs from the garden and old brown paper from my stationary cupboard. The one tip I can give you when you have kids – especially more than one and if like me and their birthdays are close together = PREPARATION. I brought the boys presents at the same time so I knew I had no panic when Lorenzo’s birthday came around. So essentially I brought everything 2 months before Khillian’s birthday. ]

Here is the cake… (no frosting or icing it was also cheaper). 

I brought Lorenzo a number 2 sparkler but we also lit 2 candles. We decided to try new flavours and had the top tier Raspberry and White Chocolate and the bottom tier was Lemon and Blueberry – absolutely delicious!

Little touches and all from the PounShop – party props, party hats and balloons. There is nothing more that a 2 year old needs. If its a summer birthday maybe some bubbles too. We have stocked up on streamers and party poppers from past birthdays. Every year we put up the traditional birthday signs and the kids love them as they do it all themselves. It was something my mum did for my sister and I and they are actually the signs that we had when we were little.

Here is what we got up to on the farm – well mainly the kids…

We met new animals and held them too…

The original barn area is lovely and big. You can walk all around it. Last time we came there were cows in here. Today there were sheep and they were getting a hair cut. 

This kid also loves ice-cream!

The boys then drove down the ramp – which they loved!

We then all went on the tractor ride – which shows you all around the farm. It was lovely. 

We then finished the day where we always do, the Gift Shop!

Kids are only young once and we love discovering new places and being out and about. You dont have to spend lots of money on birthdays, we dont. I hate having too many toys in the house and tend to recycle them every 6 months in and out of our garage as they soon forget they had them. So we dont buy them a lot of toys. We like being together and making memories – whether its a farm, on holiday or cuddling on the sofa watching a movie. We did the same for Khillian’s 2nd birthday – being out in the fresh air makes everyone happy. 

The money shot – 

Till the next birthday…

Much Love

Assuntina X

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