There has been such a big transition in the social media world, due to this I thought I would give my website a little clean up. Some of you might know I have written numerous blogs over the years – fashion, lifestyle and even a wedding one on the lead up to my big day. I absolutely love it and even though I may not be the best writer I find it a great way to show everyone my ideas. 

Being a Fashion and Lifestyle Creative means I always have lots of fingers in lots of pies. I maximise coverage for brands, work on social media, plan events and parties and even delve in beauty, stationary and boutique businesses too. I do it all because I love working with new and upcoming businesses and feel that they should have a voice and exploit their amazing worth. So here goes…

I have decided to start my blog to tell you all about the creative bits and pieces I will be doing. It will be work related, blog posts about my creative shoots, as well as great locations I will be travelling too, some bits with my kids (packing, trips etc), beauty, wedding and of course everything about what is happening in the world of fashion, lifestyle and more. 

You can, follow me on all social media (links are on the website), follow my stories and comment on the blog posts – as I would love to hear from you as you might like to read about me. 

So have fun and enjoy the journey.


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