So I stepped up my physical routine this year. Why? I felt sluggish, grey, extremely over weight and severely unhappy. After 2 kids, alright pregnancies, good labours and constant insecurities the only option was to step up my game.

The only problem was I was not sure where to start. In my 20s I would go out and buy the gear but in my 30s I feel like I really do have all the gear and no idea. I have done the whole gym thing and looking back now if I had to join a gym and do weights, stretches and use the machines, that is my ultimate nightmare. I do not enjoy it. You see if you are going to get fit and physical you have to do something you love. If not you will not do it. Nowdays there are soooo many options. I have tried a fair few – to be honest I am open to suggestions and love new ideas. When I first had Khillian I went to the gym and lost nothing. Even the private PT I had was confused and said it must be hormonal after having the baby. My body was telling me this was not for me.

So I tried Zumba. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED it. My teacher was Portuguese and amazing. I still know all the dance moves when I hear the songs I used to dance to and it just made me so happy. I also tried Pilates and fell in love with it. Great to help you sleep, relax you and help you unwind. It is also great for the mind and you work muscles you didn’t think you had. Very intense but it is great for your core and breathing (perfect for when you have baby number 2).

Recently I discovered Bounce. I knew about it through the grapevine – so to speak but have never spoken to someone who actually went to a class. I literally just searched for it local to me on Facebook and bingo there was one 10 mins away. Bounce is you doing intense routines, working all muscles, of the body on a trampoline for one. No bars, nothing – just dance, jumping and moving to dance music. The first class was so hard I could not breath properly for 2 days. But once I got into it and learnt the steps and how to balance, I loved it. I love intense workouts and you feel so good afterwards. No workout is a bad workout, as my husband tells me. But to make you feel a little at ease and obviously, comfortable. You do need the gear.

If you are looking for some inspiration on gym / fitness gear – here is something for you…

  1. A water bottle that you can carry everywhere. Whether you are going for a quick 20 mins work out or a full 60 mins spin class hydration is what is going to save you. I prefer the bottles without straws so I can drink and gulp as much water as I can. This screw top with handle is perfect when I am on the go – from Lidl.
  2. A bumbag. Yes I brought one – £8 from Primark – in store now and its perfect. When I go for long walks or a jog or even just walking to my parents house I put my necessities in there – phone, headphones, keys and lip balm and I am ready to go.
  3. Fitness watch. Do not think you have to pay hundreds of pounds for a FitBit. There are so many great watches online that do the same thing and some are even better. Make sure you just get a watch that is suitable for that you want – counting steps, heart rate, monitor your sleep, track your fitness routine (miles run, calories burnt etc) and read the reviews. I wanted one that was waterproof, monitored my steps and my sleep. I got it for £40 from Amazon. No problems and I love it.
  4. Trainers. I can’t give you any ideas for this – I went to the shop and told them what I wanted and what I wanted it for. I like some colour but I normally go for black base trainers.
  5. Lastly, you need to look and feel good…

I like to feel comfortable and also a little stylish – I also like to mix it up and not look the same at every training / fitness class. Everything is a mix from different places. The pink Work It sports bra is from New Look 4 years ago but the black leggings are George with breathable sections at the ankles only and the grey tee is light and very breathable from Matalan. All affordable and so comfortable.

I learnt the hard way what I had to wear a sports bra when working out. When I could not take off my bra after one session a few years ago – a mix of sore muscles, sweat and everything in between it was time to switch. The green sports bra is a favourite of mine from New Look, blue leggings are cropped so great when you are working out in the summer and the top is the matching set both from Matalan.

I have not worn these leggings yet but they are unreal and I cannot wait to try them on. They are new in from Matalan, the crop top is 4 years old from George and the tshirt is very old from George. Easy and so perfect for stepping your fitness regime up. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe you need to go through what you have and mix it up to make the right outfit.

Lastly, I wore this last week and loved it. The sports bra is from New Look – 4 years old, the top is 3 years old from George and the leggings are amazing and have breathable sections on the top and at the ankle – so chic and really flattering – they are new in from Matalan.

I have to say my go to place for fitness gear this season was Matalan – nothing was expensive, they fit so well and look amazing. Now you know how to dress and the accessories you need. Time to step up your fitness game too.

Have fun. Much Love

Assuntina X

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