Its oh so simple when we are 13 and cannot wait to grow up into an adult. You think you can stay up late, go out whereever you want and come home when the sun rises – but it really is not that simple. 

Work life, motherhood, anxiety, family trouble, dying relationships, battles with yourself and more all take over. At Christmas time it can be even more difficult as people are busy and are wrapped up with the holidays.  All anyone really needs is someone to talk to and a big warm cuddle. Kindness…. It really is such a simple thing. We all need to be nicer and kinder to one another. You could be looking for a new job or maybe you have a baby who does not want to sleep, maybe your best friend has moved to another country or you don’t have a lot of friends. Everyone needs someone and the best thing is to be honest and say so.

I say it to my boys all the time that kindness is free, it doesn’t cost a thing. Whether they hold the door open for someone or help someone in the play ground. A little help to another person not only makes their day, but instantly makes yours too. We really need to take a leaf out of kids books and be a lot nicer to each other. 

Summer of 2017

I think it all starts at home.

Mark and I have been together for 14 years and with work, kids, family, moving house (which is a bloody killer) hormones and more kindness is really what keeps us together. We struggle at times too – like any other couple but without it, it really is a dark place.

Being someone who blogs about my life I find a lot get said about me and people do not have the confidence to ask questions and they result to being nasty. I share a lot, and that is my choice – but I have always been like that. I love helping people, talking and meeting new people and when I find new things out like great places to go, unique ideas for kids or even just a new brand I want others to like these thing just as much as I did. A lot of the times people do not understand what I do – some people judge and become rude. That really shows more about them, then me. 

Everything started with him…

Just because something is different, does not mean it is wrong. 

This time of year is when you should be spreading kindness. Instead of talking about people behind their back – be honest and tell them what you are thinking or what is bothering you. Instead of judging a mum at the school gates, invite her to your little ones birthday party. You might actually get on.  If you have not seen family for a long time spontaneously booked a brunch and bloody enjoy it. 

Flowers always help when being kind…

We all have good and bad days but being a keyboard warrior and talking negatively doesn’t help anybody. A little honesty, kindness and love really does make the world go round and not just at Christmas. Here is a little list to make you and your loved ones a little happier and a whole lot kinder this Christmas and ready for the New Year….

  • Send Christmas cards. They are so pretty and receiving them is one of the nicest things ever. I love getting post and really does bring you back to what everyone did before emails. 
  • Plan a brunch / lunch. Everyone is busy but putting aside an hour or two to see your nearest and dearest really is a treat this season. You wish you did it sooner and realise how much you really do miss each other. 
  • Don’t take everything to heart. Everybody gets so wrapped up with life they become so sensitive. Try not to drown in the mess of social media and if you have something to say simply call the person and talk to them about what is bothering you. 
  • Don’t hold a grudge. The only thing it does is leave you bitter, twisted, angry and with more wrinkles you wish you did not have. 
  • Do something you would not normally do for someone. It could be so small like the school run, cook dinner or even just a big cuddle when they are stressed. 
  • Compliment someone – this needs a bit of honesty – but if you love someone’s coat, eyeliner, car etc tell them it makes such a ice breaker and also leaves them feeling amazing. 
  •  Help out on the Christmas Days. We all want to sit and relax – but remember so does the host. Help to dish out the dinner, do the table plan, get the music going, pour the drinks. A little kindness will make everyone happy and in a great mood. 
  • Kiss – its the time of year for love. Grab the ones you love and kiss them till they cannot take no more. All acts of kindness are amazing. Even the sloppy kind.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas…

Assuntina X

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