With only one birthday taking place during lockdown (being my husband’s 34th birthday, the day after lockdown was introduced) you can say we have had it easy this summer. However, when Khillian’s birthday was coming up I did not know what the hell to do. Obviously, I asked him months in advance what he wanted and he said a big party with all his friends and family. Trying to explain to a 6/7 year old about the virus was already challenging then explaining about why they couldn’t have a big party was just as bad.

However, with lockdown rules changing we were able to have a little get together of grandparents and my sister. That was it – where Khillian said all he wanted for this 7th birthday was a ninja cake.

I love birthdays, I think I just love celebrating and making memories. I love doing something new a

nd fun – especially for the boys. So this year we simply had a BBQ but I kitted out the house to make it as Ninja looking and cool as I could.

This is us the morning of his birthday. I actually never really care for toys and presents as I think they are just materialistic things. Throwing him a party or taking him away is something I prefer for all our birthdays as we remember them more.

With the dining room – which was the main area for the day I dressed it with a red, white and black colour theme. The table cloth is my mums and all the paper plates and cups I purchased from Ebay and Amazon weeks in advance (although I saw red cups etc in Asda for much cheaper, therefore I know for next time to always check the supermarkets as they do have some really affordable things). I brought a paper table runner – easy to put on and then when we finished with it I rolled it up and kept it in my memory box for the kids. I also brought 2 blow up samurai swords as my boys are typically boisterous boys and like to think they are killing one another. We still have them and they play with them all the time. These were from Ebay.

I love to go all out with balloons – this year it was difficult to get balloons from shops due to Covid and companies not having the balloons I wanted and getting them sent to the UK. However, it was cheaper for me to buy the balloons online and blow them up myself – which is what I did. I got a helium pump from Asda – £23 and then brought my ninja balloons from Ebay for no more than £4 each. All these balloons were blown up with one whole pump – so around 40 balloons.

He did have the best day. I also found an old black elasticated top and cut it into strips and made everyone wear the strips on their heads like old school ninja fighters. The kids loved that touch!

The one thing Khillian wanted was a ninja cake and this one didn’t disappoint – it was made by a mummy friend Avenue Cakes who I contacted quite last minute and sent her a picture of the cake and she did exactly what I asked. He wanted it in chocolate flavour and it tasted so lovely and tasty. We had lots left over that we popped it in the freezer – which we do a lot with all our cakes (my mums hates me when I buy cakes as I buy them big).

We ended the day by playing new games and absolutely wacking the hell out of his Pokemon pinata. Something I have always wanted to get him and he loved it. Took ages to break – be warned but it was worth it!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and it helped you when you are planning a party for your little ones in this weird time.

Much love – Assuntina X

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