It has been well over due, but I wanted to show you the before and after of Khillian’s bedroom as before the summer, Khillian sprouted up and was getting way too big for his bed. We did not want to spend a lot of money on his room but knew it was time for a little make over – turning his room from a boy’s room to a big boy’s room. It was little changes that we made so I thought I would write a blog on it.

I wanted to show you some before pictures from the Boy’s Room Tour post I did back in the Spring. You can read the post here.

We kept all the furniture where it was but the first thing we had to do was extend the bed. Khillian’s bed is amazing and I am still so happy with it. We brought it when he was three – so 3 years ago and it extends into a single bed, and it was under £100 from Ikea. I have linked it here but at the moment they only have white and yellow and they are on offer for £75!

BIG TIP when buying an extendable bed from Ikea you do need to buy the mattresses and the add on ones too which just sit next to each other but then you have to buy the bed sheets too. There are 2 in a set and they are not expensive but they do come in limited colours – I believe it is pink, blue and white. We extended the bed quite a lot and then took away all cuddly toys and storage boxes as Khillian never used them. Instead we put in a bed side table that was a storage box too. Khillian LOVES it. He puts all his important bits, toys, tissues and juice on it and inside he hides all his favourite bits and bobs (mainly from his brother). I also store in there white wipes and Calpol.

I brought the bed side table from Ebay (it is in fact a serving tray on top – so perfect as a bed side table) and the wall lamp from Ikea. The lamp is perfect for kids! So easy to use and I love the turquoise lead. It can move side to side but when we read at bed time it is idealfor him. He switches it on and off and he loves using it.

I took down all the pictures in his room and refilled them with all new photos – mainly ones of him and his brother, cousins, friends, family and all the fun places we have visited together. I wanted to add some big prints into his room as he is 6 and has grown up loving so many things. His love for building and engineering is unmissable. I gave him a cataloge of pictures and told him to pick one. He instantly picked the ROBOT (I picked it too) So I knew that was one we had to buy. The other picture was the MAP of the world. A great way to show him where we have been, where we are going and where we come from. Both prints are from DESENIO and highly recommended to me from a few people. If we do up Lorenzo’s room in the future I would definitely buy more prints from them. The black frames I brought from Ikea.

I also moved the chest of drawers and tried to make it as minimal as possible.

I kept a lot of the ornaments as they are all memories for us both. This King was given to him from my Nonna and the picture of words was a gift my husband and I gave him on our wedding day and its a page from one of his favourite films / books – Mary Poppins.

This was the main change that we did. I love recycling and up-cycling so my family thought I was going bananas but we took the shelving unit that Khillian had near his bed with all his books and turned it landscape and hung it as high as we could (and at a height that Khillian could reach). This is on the main wall in his room and opposite his bed so he sees all of this when he is lying down. I wanted this unit as we needed as much storage as possible. I did not want to buy something when I already had a great storage unit so I asked if we could lift it up and we could. THANK GOD. Its wide and deep so we made sure we put books in there as well as Khillian’s favourite lego sets, money box, family ornaments, photo frames and sentimental pieces. He loves and and I am still so happy with it.

Underneath I placed all his reading books as he has so many and these are mainly from the library. He loves to read and these white book shelves are super cheap and I brought them from Ebay. They hold around 8 books each. Every time he wants a book he takes one off the shelf as he can see all of them at once. Such a cute idea.

The shelving unit we brought on Ebay when we were expecting Khillian. It used to hold cotton wool buds and all his baby shoes on it and to think now it told his favourite Lego and books is just lovely and it cost me £20. To finish off the master wall I brought him a lovely wooden stool so he could reach the top of the unit, easy peasy and I also love how vintage it looks.

Khillian has a little corner free near his wardrobe – as we pushed it all the way to the wall so I was able to add in these industrial looking shelves – Another Ebay find and placed on them his favourite lego builds. So cute and affordable but perfect for a big boy’s room.

I hope you liked this blog posy and if you have any questions please do let me know.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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