A few weeks ago I mentioned on Instagram that my big man, Khillian had his school Aspirational Day coming up.

They do it every year where they encourage the children to dress up as something they aspire to be when they are older. Last year he attended as a Police Officer. He has always said he wants to be a Police Officer but the older he gets the more interested he is in art, films, books and the more he discovers new adventures and ideas. This year (as the date was creeping) I asked him what he wants to be when he is older and he said an Engineer.

My dad is an Engineer. He fixes everything from technology to houses, cars, and lots and lots and lots of toys. Khillian has always been and is very close to my dad and has been on many jobs with him. My big man also loves to break and re make things (just like his own Papa, and my dad). So I was not surprised when he told me this. I was prepared to get his outfit ready when he, shall we say, threw a spanner in the works!

He decided he wanted to dress up as a Secret Spy.

I asked him why and he said ‘So I can keep an eye on all the naughty people, discover mysteries and go on lots of adventures’. I asked what costume he thought a Secret Spy wore and he said ‘A hat… I need to wear a big black hat.’

So here he is…

I am so proud of him. He chose the occupation himself and knew exactly what look he wanted to wear. For a 5 year old I think that is amazing. Now…here are the details. He wore plain black jeans and a black tshirt both from George at Asda, as I wanted him to be comfortable at school, and black socks with black shoes (Primark) that we had at home. He also had accessories (the most important part) the black sunglasses we brought last year from Primark for our holidays, the ear piece and magnify glass were from a magazine that we brought months ago. He plays with them all the time and I think that is what inspired him to be a Secret Spy.

The only 2 things I brought were the trench coat and the hat. The coat is very fine and looks expensive – I was so impressed, it was £18.99 from Ebay and you can find it here. Fits him perfectly and arrived in 4 days. I was worried it was going to be grey, to small, fall apart but its amazing and Khillian loves it. The hat was the problem. I went to Primark, George, F&F, Pounland and more for a cheap hat and nowhere hat a black trilby. Then I found his hat on Amazon for £6.99 and able to buy on Amazon Prime! Love a Prima order, click here to see.

He was not posing – he was just standing there so I quickly got my phone out and took some pictures. I thought I would give you some tips on Fancy Dress with your little ones…

  1. Always ask them what they want to dress up as. If they go down a route you do not like then steer them somewhere you both like. I don’t really like my kids dressing up as anything too conventional or to follow a trend. I like them to be original, unique and show their creativity to the max. For example if it is a superhero party I would steer them away from Superman and Spiderman. I would suggest a Power Ranger or He-Man. Something more retro and fun.
  2. Remember this is for them. The whole idea of dressing up is for them to explore their creative flow. So if they want to wear a specific outfit let them – when at home show them something new and try a new idea that you know they would love like being a builder / doctor instead of a superhero or maybe to artist / animal instead of a princess. Opening their eyes to what they could be is always a great way to boost creativity.
  3. You do not have to dress up in fancy dress and splash the cash. In fact I refuse to. I always find things around the house. Clothes the kids have, clothes and accessories we have, appliances and props around the house (this is why I keep everything) past Halloween costumes, toys from magazines, bed sheets and more. Always think outside the box – see what you can make from bits and bobs and you will be surprised what the end result is.
  4. Search the high street – you can always make things from anything! Poundland, supermarkets, The Works they all have affordable stationary and props that you can use for fancy dress.
  5. Last and most important tip for fancy dress. ALWAYS PLAN!!!! Do not start the costume 2/3 days before. You have to check on delivery times (the best things comes from abroad, like China as they will make in bulk) but sometimes you have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. However, the cost is 50% less. Give yourself a month to pre-plan. Trust me, you will not be stressed on unhappy.

I mean, how can you not love fancy dress…

This was my big man at last year’s World Book Day. He won the Best Creative Costume in his class. I was so proud!

I go all out for Easter, Christmas and Halloween. If you cannot dress kids up to look adorable like this when can you? I match the kids and they love it. They never take their costumes off and wear them all year long. I have never had a problem with hats, shoes, ears, rings, necklaces. They want to dress up all the time.

Who doesn’t want a dinosaur named after them? I had these tops made for Lorenzo’s First birthday which was Dinosaur and Glitter themed.

And this is who they get it from…

This Halloween we went all out. I was the Exorcist and my husband was a priest. I wore a nightgown and absolutely ruined it with stains and blood. I backcombed my hair and my sister did my makeup. My husband wore a shirt and trouser suit and we tied a cross to string for his necklace (stolen from my Nonna’s house) and I went to the haberdashery for the purple material. I folded it and sewed it together and that was it. Then I cut some white card and he wore it as a priest’s collar.

Of course I was going to dress up for Race for Life. Me and my cousin Maggie ran 5K as Where’s Wally.

The picture on the left was our first Halloween party. Mark brought his costume – I made mine with a Cinderella kids costume I took from work. I squeezed in and ripped as much as I could. Then threw blood all over it. I wore white ankle socks and my silver glitter heels (which I still have because I LOVE them!). Once again, my sister did my make up. The picture on the right was my Graduation party when I graduated from Uni – I wanted everyone dressed in their PJs. It was the best!!

I hope you loved my post? I just wanted to let you know that you can really rock fancy dress. You can go full on or do something small but there is an angle for everyone if you just pre-plan and think about what you love the most.

Have fun! Much Love


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