One of the things I love most about party planning are the goody bags.

When I worked in Fashion PR and was organising the seasonal press events and shows I used to love putting together the goody bags. I always try to stay in tune with the theme – there is no point throwing a dinosaur party and then in the goody bag placing nothing that has a dinosaur in it. I just think it works well and really shows off your creative side when you stick to the theme. It doesn’t work with everything – but at least 60% of the items. Plus there are so many cool and wonderful, not to mention, affordable things you can buy. I always think that I would rather spend money for a goody for things the kids will enjoy and actually use – rather than spend money on things that will break and that people will throw in the bin 30 mins later.

As Khillian’s party had a picnic theme I wanted the goody bags to look like mini picnic baskets. I brought these card pop up boxes for such a good price on Ebay and have lots left which I will use for Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. I always try to use up things I buy in bulk as I hate to waste things. Its the hoarder in me so I am sure you will see lots of these floating around till next year.

As I have always said it is all in the details.

Ever since I spotted these on a few Instagram accounts at Christmas where they used them on Christmas gifts I knew I wanted personalised thank you stickers for the boy’s Birthday goody bags. They were so cheap, another Ebay buy, I made sure I found them with a gingham print. A lot of the stickers had pictures of animals or cartoon characters on them. I simply emailed the buyer and asked if I can have just text. I also wanted to see the stickers before they went to print for final sign off. Yes was the answer and 1 week later they were at my door.

The brown tags were from Poundland as well as the twine and the pegs (which I loved because I thought they were really cute) which I brought months ago.

Now what I decided to put inside. In regards to kids coming the majority were kids aged 6. So that was a easy as everything was for one aged group, the youngest child was Lorenzo and as he is nearly 3 but he reached the safety age of all the items I decided to buy. Then I started to separate the items for boys and girls.

Here are the girls…

  • I looked at tattoos as they were something I really wanted to get the kids – even the girls so I made sure I brought pretty ones, girly ones, tattoos older girls would want and even girly superhero tattoos. All from Ebay.
  • I love anything wooden – especially jewellery so when I found these wooden bracelets, which came in lots of different colours and different charms, I knew I had to buy them – another one from yes, Ebay.
  • The suncatcher kit I brought 5 for £5 on offer in Hobbycraft and they are sooooo big but just about fit into the baskets (I had to do a little chopping here and there. But I brought lots of unicorns, bugs, suns, butterflies and so much more to fill the picnic theme and some were just pure amazing I could not refuse them and had to buy. I remember having them in school and loved them. You can hang them from string or just attach to glass and see the sun shine in. Which is what we did and the boys loved them. You can see the collection here but they are not on offer at the moment.
  • The cone party poppers were in a pack of 10 from Poundland and I love them as they are quirky and just different.
  • I wanted to put something in that the kids could colour in but not your average paper and crayon. So I found the wooden pegs in Poundland and tied 2 up for every child with a colourful pipe-cleaner – who doesn’t love a pipe-cleaner? You can do so much with them. With the pegs I thought the kids can make up characters with the help of the stackable emoji pens. They are so cute. You choose which colours you want and its all in one pen. Easy and great for in the car too.
  • The paperclips were just a sweet touch and I purchased them from Poundland. 6 for a £1 and I was lucky they all came in a Picnic / food theme.
  • The ice-cream item was something I saw and brought from Ebay as I thought it was different. They are magnets and you scratch off the front with any design you want. So you can write your name, or draw stars and hearts and the colours come up from under the black chalk. Then you stick on the magnet and place on your fridge. They were very cheap, from Ebay and they came in so many designs. Dinosaurs, knights and princesses, bugs, cakes etc. Due to sizing I had to pick the smallest ones which luckily were ice-creams.
  • We all like a sweet treat in a goody bag. But I never put in the cake. I always dish out the cake at the party and leave a cookie inside for the kids to take home. They come individually wrapped so no mess and no fuss. I am a sucker for a themed cookie. I did it for Khillian’s 2nd birthday and this one I knew once I saw a picture on Pinterest I wanted cookies that were bright and summery. I added in the rain cloud at the last minute as we changed venues due to the rain. I thought it was a nice touch. They were made by Boo’s Baking Company. Who are local to me and delivered them the day before the party. They tasted as good as they looked!

Next up were the boy’s goody bag bits…

As you can see a lot of the items were the same. The only pieces that were different were the tattoos. I picked robots, football and superhero for the boys. The suncatcher kits were also more suited for boys with pirate ships, rockets and robots being given to the opposite sex.

Instead of the wooden bracelets the boys received all different superhero snap bangles – they came in a set of 10 and I have lots left and what I loved about them is they had Supergirl, Batgirl and Flash – all the unique and more niche superheros.

To finish off the mini baskets I added in a big sprinkle of stickers (sticking with the picnic theme) so the kids had lots of different things to keep them busy when they got home.

Like I have mentioned before I did start looking for the items for the goody bags months before and this is due to timings. You can get lots of items for cheap from abroad – places like China, you just need to be aware of the shipping time. Always, plan in advance folks and I do hope you loved this blog?

I hope it inspires you when you are planning your little one’s parties. Much Love.

Assuntina X

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